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When do you just Lock Rss

We thought everything was great between us and SIL & hubby brother. We told them on 4 different times that they are welcomed to come over to visit but just give us a call to make sure we home.

Well yesterday was my nephews birthday and i talk to my sil a few weeks ago to see what i could get him and if she wanted me to bring something up. Anyway i got a text saturday morning saying that we weren't invited up to see him. This upset me because i was looking forward to spending some time with them. Hubby did ring his brother to see why and all he could say that there no problem.

I talk to SIL a few times in the last month where we talk about things and she was happy the last time and maded no comment about the text i sent back in june before i had little man. All i said in the text was please don't be upset/angry but we don't want any vistors on the weekend i come home. My BIL was fine about it he knew that i was having a c-section and so did sil but she went off at me and hubby. I told her that i thought i was coming home on the weekend and that i was worried about how our oldest would handle his new brother. And the fact that little master was sick it was good that no-one came over since i wouldn't want anyone else to get sick. I sent this text 2 or 3 days before i had my c-section. Plus i wasn't up to having vistors.

MIL has talk to her son who said his wife has a tick in her head about everyone. MIL said she wasn't really welcomed yesterday either. My hubby auntie said that no-one should get upset with what another persons wishes are.
SIL had a big fight with her mother and is pushing her away has well. Plus her & BIL are having problems. I know SIL was taking tablets for some type of depresion.

I'm alittle worried about little master birthday party in a few weeks, we are inviting them and i don't know if they will come. I said to hubby i hope no-one ruins his party because i put so much planning into it already and looking forward to it.

My sil is the only one who has seen the baby, yesterday would of being the first time bil would of seen him. They never home and they don't answer texts or emails or returns any of our calls.

So my question is how much do you take until you just give up.
Or am i just one of these people who likes everyone to get along.
I have learnt my listen i don't send text anymore (hubby does) i only send ones to hubby.

I seem to have same problem with my FSIL (future sister in law!). She met my BiL in the states, and moved here to be with him (she is american). When she first moved here, i used to email her every week to see how she was doing, what had she been up to etc. Once my son was born, I used to invite them over for dinner regularly - felt bad because we live an hour away, but she said that was fine! she didn't mind the drive because I always cooked yummy dinners and she got to see my baby. But then, she turned really wierd, never answered any emails, just started ignoring me completely. i eventually asked her what I had done to upset her - turns out, I had hurt her feelings by not going to her birthday party, and then to her "one year in NZ" party, and we didn't visit them, or go out into town with them blah blah blah.... I HAD A BABY!!!! my son was like, a month old when it was her birthday, and not much older for her annivesary party - we don't have any babysitter so we couldn't go. I emailed her and explained but she never replied at the time! And, whenever we go visit them, they're never home. She won't give me her phone number, so I can't phone her, and she never answers my emails! Now, they are getting married in the states next year, and my DH and I can't go, because we can't afford it, and she is all mad at me again! just me - not DH...

family - go figure! The way I see it now, is you can't please everyone, so you may as well just get on with life! Do what is right for you and your family - if they want to join in then YAY! If not, then it is there loss! Get your DH to tell his brother that you would love them to be at your son's birthday, but you don't want any dramas - the day is entirely about your son, and why should he be upset because your sil has her knickers in a knot over something!!
Hubby and i love being around our family. And the fact that they really don't want to see little man is sad.

We already planned our xmas eve since hubby family is austrian they celebrate then. We going to have his mum and dad over for tea then they come over for brekky the next day. FIL will not come to dinner unless you have it at lunch time. Then we leave after xmas day to start our holidays.

Sil loves to get our mil to look after her kids and mil said she was watching them yesterday and the kids (sil has 3) and sil didn't care that the kids wanted her.

SIL talking about quitting her job and i know BIL not happy.

I keep right out of sil and bil problems.

Hubby going to give his brother the invite next week and i get hubby to talk to him.

Well hubby just saw his brother and hubby gave the birthday card for our nephew to him. BIL said we could of come up but it wasn't a party. I said i thought it was just family come together. Hubby said there was no invite and we don't come unless we are invited and by the way the text sound we were not invited. BIL said i agree with you but you could of come up anyway.

BIL knew we're not happy and was trying to put the blame on us.

sounds like your SIL is a stirrer and just loves the drama so keeps creating it out of nothing. I mean her behaviour is so petty. Is she saying you can't go to the party because you didn't want visitors on the weekend you bought your new baby home? She has kids of her own she should know better than to expect to visit the minute you get home with a new baby.

I would just distance myself from her to be honest... she is toxic and creating big issues out of things that shouldn't really be a problem. Obviously she is saying you can't go to the party because she wants to start a fight with you.
That why i don't get why she doesn't ring me and talk. In the text it said no party and my mum coming up after church and MIL coming up and we busy in the afternoon. So hubby, mil and i took the text has saying only the mothers are coming. Because sil normally would put please come when MIL here.

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