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losing weight post pregnancy Lock Rss

Chocolate will be the death of me.

Anyone have suggestions to get back to slightly skinnier me?

So far my chocolate therapy hasn't worked...

Weight Watchers! OMG it is fantastic, I to was like you eating chocolate like it was going out of fashion. When I was pregant with DD I got to 90kg's! blink Thank god alot of it was fluid! I enede up being 78 about a month after DD but didn't start trying to lose weight until she was about 6 or 7 months old. I am now 67kg(my pre-pregnant weight) thanks to weight watchers and I feel great! I don't know how many times I sore WW adds on tv before I actually gave it ago. IT is so flexabile and great if you are still BF. I have another 4 kgs to get my goal weight as I am still overweight sad but atleast I am 11 kg's lighter. Go and have a look at the weight watchers website!

LOL Thank you!!

Before I was pregnant I was 75kg, wanted to get under 70 (69kg would've been awesome), pregnancy stacked on 13kgs, I'm now 88kgs & have twice as much to lose to get to the original goal weight!

Thought it was ok til I saw myself in a couple of photos taken the other night & just want to get back to healthy!

I'll check out the WW site now..

I am a HUGE calorie counter, it's not for everyone but for me it works, I used "myfitnesspal" and have dropped 10kg since August. I started walking an hour a day for the first few weeks and now I do weights 5 days a week and feel great, weight loss has seemed a bit slow but I have been told the slower it comes off the longer it stays off so hopefully its true lol

I started the CSIRO diet at 6 weeks post baby and 10 weeks later I have lost 8 kgs. I still have a LONG way to go but am really enjoying the diet. The major problem is that it can be a little expensive with all of the seafood.

BREASTFEEDING! i lost all my baby weight and 6 kgs more by being in the special care baby unit with my little girl for 6 weeks, and breastfeeding has kept it all off. i find that because i am brestfeeding i want to eat more healthy so my little girl gets what i am getting so i am eating a lot more fruit and veges.
I don't know if this diet has a name but what I have done in the past to shed a few is make sure every meal is half vege, quarter protein and quarter starch and limited snacks to a single piece of fruit between meals. Its pretty boring but it does work smile

Wish chocolate therapy worked. I'd be wasting away wink
i did csiro a few years back. lost 10kgs. then out it all back on & more.
have been on lite'n'easy for about 6 weeks. lost 9kg,&5cm from waist. hope to be on this program for many months too come. would be nice to lose another 5-10. slowly & sensible is the key, with support.
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