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I just don't get some people! Lock Rss

I was working Friday night and my boss asked if I could work a longer shift because one of the guys(I am friends with his wife) went home! I did it to help them out then someone said he went home because his wife wasn't well, I don't really get how he was going to help her but anyway I didn't ask questions!

Then on Saturday I saw his wife's facebook status saying having a big one tonight for DH's 30th and she had pic's of over 200 jelly shot's she had been busy making! so I figure she can't be to sick then if she can party,

then Sunday she's complaining saying oh my god don't know how we are going to look after DS (15m) because they are so hungover roll eyes but at least he slept all night blink

It really got to me I don't have a problem with anyone going home sick or to look after their family but it does S**T me when they arn't even sick and I really don't agree with anyone drinking to excess when they should be looking after their children!

He had better pull his weight tonight as Im not going to do the work for him again,
Would you say anything? I'm not being unreasonable am I?

I wouldn't say anything but I definitely wouldn't be helping him out again! I also have friends that get so hungover they can't watch thier kids make me so mad!
I dont really think its your place to say anything, it would be more something for your boss to do. However i wouldnt be doing him any favours in the near future.
I think we're all guilty of taking sick leave when we don't really need to. I took one for my graduation.

You have no obligation to work longer if you don't want to. It's your boss's problem not yours.

This post is one of the reasons I don't have work collegues on Facebook. There's potential to create gossip and cause trouble with the boss.

I know I didn't Have to work longer but we have a great team of workers that all help out to get the job done! all except for this 1 guy anyway, I could not leave if the work isn't done that's not fair!

I don't have him as a friend on facebook Im friends with his wife so it was her facebook I saw!
I wouldn't go running to the boss I just meant if he was whinging and complaining tonight and not pulling his weight(like he tends to do) I would probably say something to him not to anyone else Im not a gossiper and Im not out to cause trouble!

I'm with you, shits me off too!!!! A day off for your graduation is one thing - saying your sick/your familys sick to get a day off to prepare for a party/recover from a party is different. Especially when it means someone is sacrificing they're own family to cover that persons arse!!! Organise your life better and work around it, or least be man enough to say why your really booking off. If he is slacking off or whinging, then yeah I'd remind him you helped out once and not again.

I also hate when parents get drunk and off there heads when there are still children around that they are supposed to be responsible for. Priorities need to change once children come along - and I;m not saying you can't parry and have a life, but make sure the kids are well looked after (for that night, or for life if your an idiot that is gonna wipe yourself out and do something silly).

I will - I'm on a sickie (well not me, home with Elliott and his mucky ears again) lol!!!!! A real one though, have a certificate to prove it hehehe!!! Have a good shift! smile

I wouldn't say anything. But never help this guy again.

You did a nice thing and to find out that this person lied. Maybe you could have some fun with it. Like say something about people getting drunk and can't came to work.

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