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Locked in phone contract Rss

I need some advice regarding my mobile phone service. I am currently half way through my 3 contract and have found that i get really crappy serive and always have. When i joined i was told that i would have the same service as telstra which i clearly dont. There are some days where i cant use my phone at all as i have no service or i will be talking to my mum and will have 3-4 bars, not move anyhere and next thing have it cut out on me saying i have no service. I have rung three and they were really not helpful. I am due to have my baby in two weeks and found yesterday that when i was up at the hospital i had no service at all and yet Dh who is with telstra had full service. I really dont want to have a baby and then not be text people and tell them all the details and i dont feel that i should have to take a new born baby outside just so i can text/call people. I live over 500kms away from my nearest three dealer so everything i do has to be over the phone.

Is it fair that i should have to pay the $500 (which i honestly cant afford) left on my contract to get out of it seeing there not providing me with the coverage i signed up for? and if there not going to help me is there anyone else i can contact?
i'm with telstra and they are sh!t and half the time can't acsess the internet.

i called them and told them i was really unhappy and that if they didn't fix their service i would go to another provider. they gave me credit roll eyes

maybe you could call and say how unhappy you are and that you want out and see what they say? make sure you explain your situation and tell them how important it is that you have could try calling the ombudsman for advice too and see what they say.

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

Yeah skippy, three as bought out by vodaphone. THanks for the great advice, i will ring them up again today.
My friend got out of her vodafone contract by contacting the ombudsman, after trying to get out of it with vodafone due to poor service/coverage. The ombudsman contacted them and they let her out of her contract with nothing to pay.

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

I used to work for telstra and can tell u for a fact that 3 has nowhere near the same coverage as telstra, telstra civers 98% of "populated" areas where as 3/vodafone is more like 60%. You have been given very misleading information, my advice us to download a 3 coverage map for your area, see if you should be getting coverage, then take it to a 3 shop or call up, be persistant (but not irate or rude, from experience when a customer gets rude and starts attacking they are alot less likely to get the best outcome) if u keep getting fobbed off, ask for staff numbers and write them all down with times u spoke and what u spoke about, ask to talk to team leaders, tell tgem how long this has been going on for and what u were originally told by 3 staff in regards to coverage, if needed u should e telling them who gave u the wrong the information (just the store name) and tell them that its not good enough that u should be paying for a service u cant even use because someone gave u misleading info. If ur still having issues tell them u will take it to the telco ombudsman an if necassary u may have to do so. At telstra we dealt with this issue alot as alot of sales people just say whatever they can to get a sale and dont usually think about the customer. But if u are persistant and dont step down they should waive your contract so u can go elsewhere. I cant stress enough how important it is to be asking for the staff id numbers (alot of people just take names and it gets them nowhere, alot of call centres let them use different names and there are so many staff in different place uts almost impossible to track down one "Stacy" that may have given u different information) goodluck.
Do your research as to what your legal rights as a customer are and if this can be called breach if contract on their part. You're much likely to get somewhere with them if you've got a well prepared argument - saying you're not happy didn't work for me with Optus a few years ago - we moved to the country with brand new phones and there was NO service whatsoever in that area. It was going to cost 2k to end the contracts for the two phones and they would not back down.

I ended up finding family members to have the phones and they continued paying the bill, and left the phones in our names.

for the purpose of texting people when bubs arrives you could buy a cheap prepaid if you can't work this out.

Contact the provider and see if they are willing to do anything to help you. If not contact the TIO, they have worked wonders for me and several others who have had issues with a certain provider in the past.

Best thing we ever did.
This happened with me and Vodafone.
They would not do anything about it so I went to the TIO (you just fill out a form online) and within a week they agreed to cancel my contract without any fees.
Good luck!!
TIO is definatetly the way to get out of it. Generally if you call a few times & complain about it, given them some addresses of where you aren't gettting coverage too. Ask the people you are speaking to to put notes against you account regarding the calls. After a few calls threaten the TIO, sometimes this is enough to get out but if not contact them as PP have said. I work in telecommunication industry & those 3 letters can work wonders wink Good luck!!
Thanks heaps for all your advice ladiess. I tried to contact three again today and my service kept cutting out while i was on the phone with them and the still would not believe me as there computer tells them that im in a good service area. sad Probably due to pregnancy hormones the man made me cry, but still refused to help me. I registered a complaint with the TIO so hopefully they will be able to help me. im just sick of paying for a service i cant use.
Mine is 0151. Are there any forum members from this area? If yes, I have a question for you. What providers for area code 0151 are you using? Or maybe you know a few? I have found several services on the Internet. But what I would like to have is real feedback from the users. So I want to choose not only affordable service but also a reliable one. You may write to me directly if you have some information. Thanks.
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