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Hey girls,
ive got DD boobs, lol and am still yet to find a good bra i need one that is really supportive and will hold em up lol.
Would love ur help and willing to pay anything if u know of a good bra
I'm an e cup and if you are bfing I LOVE hot milk bras wub Otherwise I find berlei are pretty good for support.

I got a great bra from bras and things the other day. It was $70 but fits beautifully. It's a white lacy one that has pockets for extra padding.

I'm an e cup and if you are bfing I LOVE hot milk bras wub Otherwise I find berlei are pretty good for support.

what shops do u get these brands from
I am dd usually, e at the moment - berlei is the only bra I'll buy - they are a beautiful fit, sit nicely under clothes and last for ages. They're about $60 but worth it... have not found any other as comfortable.

what shops do u get these brands from

I buy them from our local lingerie store so that would be your best bet smile

Where abouts do you live? If in Aus - south Brisbane, I know of a store. You can also buy online, they stock D-KK sizes.
I have 14e/12f have found it pretty hard to find maternity bra's also. I have a small back compared to my front. I found most maternity bras barely lifted at all from the front. For during my pregnancy I found 3 maternity bras and one sports bra that actually lifted them off of my ribs.

Triumph - bought 2 in different styles makes my boobs look 18 again pity that when you take your top off you look like Nana. I bought them from Innerware also stocked at David Jones. Myer also had one of them. Around $60 each

Lace Maternity N
Mamabel Fleur

I also bought a Elle McPherson black 14e thats as high as they go I believe didn't looks as supportive but I was quite suprised once I tried it on. Has a rounder look to which I prefer. Also from David Jones. Also around $60 think I got on sale for a bit less though.

Maternelle goes upto an E here is link for maternity section of Elle website:

If you are not breastfeeding lady in bra shop recommended a non underwire sports bra which I think I like the most also gives boobs a rounder rather than pointier look. This one was by Berlei. Mine was orange and black comes in black with pink trim too. Was about $30 from a place called booby trap in Adelaide I think I have also seen them in Harris Scarfes.

Berlei Electrify Wirefree Sports Bra Y156W Black

I think everyone is different though now bra's and things just carry their own lines i don't sit properly in any of their maternity bra's. Unfortunately it is trial and error. I found best go to a shop like David Jones, Myer or somewhere that does fittings as they will keep bringing styles in until you find one that works. I then have a little shop around to compare prices and buy where is on sale as Big boobs aren't cheap to hold up!

Good luck.
Im an E cup (Well, I was the last time I was fitted lol) and have yet to find a good bra = The maternity bra I had was rubbish, did nothing for me at all, except making them look fatter and saggier than they are! (Im 21, so shouldnt have boobs that look like they are eggs nailed to a fence!) I got 2 underwires after dds birth, one has turned out to be useless aswell, it just rides up at the back, and the underwire doesnt sit on my chest like it should - And that was after being fitted! The other is ok, however I kinda want my boobs to be higher? Lol but apparently if you have big boobs you can only get minimiser bras. Everyone loves big boobs but you cant buy bras for them!
I have tried one of those Genie Bras too, which was super comfortable, felt like you werent wearing a thing! But again, squishes them to basically nothing =
If you are looking for underwire normal bra. Not maternity I would go for fine lines or Loveable. Fine lines has some nice sexy stuff too. I used to be a 10e or 12dd.

When getting fitted most people would look and go there is no way you would fit into a 10 bra considering I wear 12-14 tops. If your boobs aren't lifting I would try going up a cup size and down a size around the back. I had a really good fitter who did this the first time I tried a 10 before I was pregnant and OMG the difference was huge made me look so much slimmer once boobs were lifted up. As a guide your boob should be half way from elbow to shoulder when correctly fitted.

Like every workplace there are some people who are good at their job and some that are crap. Keep looking until you find someone that is good.
not for bf but lovely by bendon is'lovely' lol and fits well nor sure if the berlei 'sweater girl' comes in a dd fitting but is nice as well

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I am a 14E and buy Fayreform (sp?) you can find it in the bendon stores in NZ. Or major department stores and lingere shops in AUS. They are $50-$80 but if fitted correctly are beautiful to wear.

My sports bra is Berlei. Again approx $70 but sooooo comfy and looks great under clothes.

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