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The reason I don't like cats Lock Rss

Oh oww, poor little chook!!! Make sure you get some cream or something on it so it doesn't get infected!! Cats do tend to go for the eyes don't they? I love pets, but yeah it is a bit of a worry with young kids/babies. Hope the little one is ok and scratches heal quickly!!

Poor little thing. Hope she heals quickly.

My mum has a cat and this poor cat knows when little master around it's time to stay away. This cat loves him but he treats her ruff.

Little master wants a kitten but that will be on hold for awhile.

Aww your poor lil bubs sad its horrible seeing your child hurt.

Interesting ! Can you please point to an article that says a newborn was sufficated by a cat! My CHN told me about 8 years ago, there has never been such a case of that. Yes I understand there is concern, as I did have one at the time, as was going to cat proof the cot. But in the end I didn't, I was just aware of where the cat was, or shut the doors etc.

My link

Not a big fan of cats around babies. I love cats and have grown up with both animals, but would rather pets around older children.

You know what?

I love cats...Love love love love LOVE them.

But your poor DD sad

This was about ME disliking cats.
Not about anyone liking them and me just sitting here being mean about them because they like them. Better make sure that's understood. smile

And because an article hasn't necessarily been written about something, doesn't mean it didn't happen. Crap, I got crabs when I was 15 and there ain't no article about that BUT IT DID HAPPEN. smile

Now, for those that do care about my daughter (not the cat, he's fine. Happily sleeping) I cleaned her up and rang the nurse at the clinic. She said bring the baby in to get checked. Took her in. Eyes fine. The gash on the lid closed together nicely when it stopped bleeding and dried. She does need antibiotics for a few days but that's all.
Little thing is so resilient. Plus, she barely cried when it happened. Just for a moment. My girl is brave.

(is thread was not a debate. It was about my daughter. Not the evil of cats.)

I hope this didnt come from my comment.

We all mentioned how sorry we were for your DD

Ok I will stop about the cat sufficating thing. But something else perplexed me - your DD given AB for a cat scratch ??? Are you for real ???? OMG blink Now I have heard everything !!!!!! I am not too sure how old she is, but has she had her tetinus yet ? I have never have heard AB given for a scratch, unless it got infected ! gasp

I've heard of giving antibiotics for that sort of thing. Especially with the scratch on her eyelid, if that was to get infected, the infection could spread to her eye. I'm not one for dosing kids up unnecessarily, but cat claws are pretty germy and I'd rather pre-empt than wait until it happens. Also looks from the picture like some of the scratches are pretty deep - they could easily get infected.

Little kids bounce back so quickly, glad she's ok smile

Don't stress.
I could sense a debate coming on. Wanted to make sure it doesn't happen in this thread. Not really into debating tonight. Just wanted to vent.

Hmm...that's interesting because I didn't get that vibe...different perspective I guess.

Your DD's face does still look pretty bad though sad even after being cleaned up I would've hated to see it before it was cleaned up. Has said cat done anything nasty like that to your kiddies before?
naw! Poor little chicken, glad she is okay though, especially so close to her eye!

Thanks for all you girls saying hope she gets better and what not. It's very nice of you.

And no, the cat doesn't usually be aggressive. BUT, in saying that he's not an indoors cat and doesn't interact with the kids often. But when he HAS interacted, he's always been polite. I didn't see what happened but I'm will to bet the baby pulled his tail or something which got that reaction from him.
That's why I say I've not usually got anything against cats, especially him because he was provoked. But the baby being so young she's still learning to be gentle and I hate the idea of risking this happoen again because what if he punctures her eyeball. That can't be good.

Doesnt really matter if she did provoke it she is a baby like you said and still learning. Poor thing probably was so shocked as to why the kitty was hurting her sad I hope she feels better soon and the antibiotics fight any potential nasties smile
Poor thing! That's a mighty fine looking war wound!
When I read your OP I hoped she'd been put on AB's or something. My Mum never let us clean the cat litter box until she was sure we'd do it safely and cleanly. She didn't want to risk us getting toxoplasmosis. Better to be safe then sorry, especially when you don't know where the cat has been or gotten its claws into.

I hope they heal well and leave no marks. smile

Poor bubba, glad she will heal well. I'd be pretty pee'd off at cats if that happened to my child and normally I like them smile

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

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