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hey i was wondering what would you do/say if your child came home at 14-17 and said they were pregnant or got some one pregnant?

i have been watching movies/shows about teen pregnancy and there reactions tend to be pretty similar so i was curious how you think you would react

at 14 I would not be happy at all maybe 17 I don't know I would hope that if DS did get someone pregnant he would provide for the child and be apart of the childs life I would really be angry if he didn't really care for the child and abandoned it

i would be annoyed to if DS would want to support his child either

ALSO would you encourage one of the three options more than the others
I honestly don't think i'd be very happy but would want to support my child with whatever decision they made grin

When I went home at 18 and told my parents I was pregnant they were pretty upset but they supported me grin
Just thought I would add my parents were not happy with the decision I made but they supported me because ultimately the understood it was my choice.

I guess I would try and be the same if I was the parent in the scenario.
I got knocked up at 19 sooo I would be pretty hypercritical if I hit the roof...BUT 14 is way way too young I'm bloody hoping my kids don't even do the deed till there at least 16 lol
I would be supportive and stuff as long as they weren't 14!!!
Well I got pregnant at 17 so if I had a tanty at DD for getting pregnant at that age I would be VERY hypocritical..though IMO 14 is FAR too young to have a child.

I would hope DD wouldn't get pregnant young, not even how young I was, i would hope that she would want to experience life abit more. I'm not saying that having a family is a bad thing, it's beautiful and that was what I always wanted but maybe she can get abit further than I did..if you know what I'm getting at laugh If she did come home pregnant though I really don't think I culd get upset but who knows?? you can never really say what you would be like in the future..I would just support her the best I can, though I would make it known i would NOT raise her child for her.
Having 3 girls this is something I have thought of haha.. But 14 or 15.. Too young to be having sex in my opinion and definitely too young to be having a baby! 16 or 17, I wouldn't be angry but would be upset as it's still so young (if they were being safe and it was an accident I would be less upset lol). I would be 100% supportive, I'd encourage them to keep the baby and would help them to still finish school (supportive and helping though does not mean I would be doing night feeds lol).
I was pregnant with my first at 19 and had her at 20 but I was engaged and she was planned.. So I could get mad and not be a hypocrite haha
As the mum of 3 girls I have often thought about this. 14 is way too young to have a child but if it did happen of course I would support them. I would be hoping they would wait till later but ultimately it's their life and I would support them through the ups and downs. If ds got someone pregnant at a young age I'd be hoping he would step up and be responsible enough to support the child and it's mother.
But I certainly don't think dh would be happy if someone got his precious girls up the duff at a young age.
If any of my kids were pregnant at 14/15(or got someone pregnant at 14), I think I'd be extremely sad, and disappointed in myself more than my child.
14 is way too young, and I hope I can help educate my kids to make good decisions in their life, especially regarding sex.

If they were say 16/17, I'd probably be a quite upset to start with just because of the shock of it more than anything - but I would then be completely supportive of them and make sure they got the best care possible!

But really, it's one of those situations where you don't know how you would react until you were actually in that position!
^ I agree, you wouldnt know untill you were in that situation!
But if DD came home pregnant at 14? Id hit the roof.. Still be supportive, but still, 14 is far to young to be doing the deed.
16-17.. Well, Id still be upset, but like pp have said, I would still support her and make sure she has the best care. But yea, no night feeds lol.
I was preg at 19, had dd at 20, so cant go too mental lol at that age I wouldnt be *that* upset. Still not happy though lol. I would prefer she waited till maybe 23?? Lol
I think I would probably be quite angry and dissapointed at first, but I wouldn't feel like a total failure as a parent ~ at least my child had the courage to front up and tell me about it instead of going behind my back and getting an abortion.

I know I would be shocked upon hearing the news, but I hope I would react in a calm and supportive manner. I mean, this is my 14 year old, and she would probably be scared out of her mind!

DH on the other hand would go ballistic, and would probably not speak to the child until after the baby was born. He's stubborn like that and has really old fashioned values.

i do agree that it is something that dont totally know how you react to unless in the situation
but i was still curious so thanks for answering
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