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oh now your poor little bubba i hope she is ok
i dont blame you i would be so annoyed too
Oh poor little thing. She not having a good week.

Did you say anything to the father?

Oh Skippy, your poor girl - she's having a rough trot this week sad

What did the dad say when you told him? Did he apologise or anything?

I hope it heals quickly, and she has a much better week next week!
OMG! Iwould be ropeable to! Rough play is on thing but this kid cut her freaking eye! And as for the dad......Grrrr.. Sadly there's no cure for stupidity! Who takes their kid to a play area, doesn't watch them and then doesn't give a crap when their kid really hurts somebodys baby!? I'm angry for you skippy! I hope your baby girl is ok.

Your poor little dd sad Some parents certainly don't watch their kids when out and even worse that he didn't care what his kid had done to your dd. I hope your little dd is OK.

Little boy in shopping centre play thingy just pinched the crap out of my daughters face and cut the corner of her eye. Father wasnt watching so i had to pry this foreign kid off my bloody babys face. So gosh darn angry

That sounds very violent, I know people won't agree with what I have to say, but where were you when this was happening? If he had time to hurt her to the point of cutting her and you having to pry him off as you say, he must have had the opportunity to have a good go at her. I know kids are quick, I have three young ones, but if I saw another child headed towards mine I would have tried to stop it by calling out to the child if I could not grab my child quick enough.
I have to say, it s hits me when parents who have children too young to apologise don't do so on their child's behalf for injury etc. I'm amazed you had the self control to walk away...if my baby was injured and the other parent was being a prick about it, passive-aggressive me would certainly be letting that parent know that lack of attention with their child or even lack of an apologetic attitude is disgusting. I'd probably do so by loudly announcing it to a friend or something, being the chicken that I am. lol!!
About 3 weeks ago I took DS to the park.
Put him up on the fort thing so he could go down the slide and two kids, about 3 1/2 started being really nasty to him, told him he wasn't allowed to play etc and I just responded with "everyone is allowed to play here".
Got a dirty look from the mother, then as DS was about to go down the slide one of the boys shouted "you're a naughty boy" then scratched and pushed him.
Luckily I was still holding him or he would have fell.
The mother laughed, so I turned to DS and said "c'mon, let's go away from these mean boys and get an ice cream" loud enough for the other children to hear.
I later returned with DS (hoping the kids would be gone, but they weren't)and let him eat his ice cream in front of the kids, which resulted in them screeching at their mother for one smile

I hate when people allow their kids to be nasty to other children.
I'm sure they wouldn't be happy if it were our children harming theirs.

DS is now constantly calling himself a "naughty boy".
Hey Skip,
Its been a while. Ths made me so pissed off. Why cant people just look after their own kids or a least reprimand them when they do something wrong.

This sort of thing happened to me yesterday, i had a couple of friends and their kids come over yesterday, and this one particular friend's son has started hitting the kids. My son was crying so I went down and asked what happened and my dd said Blah hit him. I said to the mother he hit my ds and she just said "he said he didnt'. I was like wtf, why would my dd lie.

About 10mins later both my kids run down to me and said Blah pushed us over. Well you cant deny it now I thought. They ended up leaving 10min later thank goodness. It just makes me so angry when people think their kids can do no wrong when it is blatantly obvious that they did do it. Im thinking its not worth hanging out with them anymore.

I hope your dd is ok exspecially after the cat getting her, poor thing. GBH to you guys

You poor thing.

Some parents just dont get it.

Poor lil poppet!
When I was pregnant with dd we went to a play gym at the local
Leisure center designed for kids under kinder age. My friends son was 2 at the time, just enjoying the play equipment, a kid come over taunting him so I went and removed my friends ds from the area and got him playing with something else away from the other little boy, thought everything was ok so went and sat back down. My friends ds climbed up to go down the slide and in a split second the other little kid pushed him off the slid, not down in but off the side of it, of course I run and checked him and he was fine just a little shocked and crying. The whole time the mother was no where to be found so I told the attendant and they removed the child from the play area. Turns out the mum was out having a smoke not even in sight! I was disgusted. Some parents don't want to take responsibility for their childrens actions and it is sad because they will grow up thinking that is acceptable behavior and in the long run may end up being the child that bullies our kids at school.

I hope your lil one is ok. x
your poor lil girl, give her lots of kisses and cuddles.

there was a discussion about this not long ago and people were saying that they yell and growl and tell of the other child that hurt theres. i personally think that is wrong on many levels so, skip i applude you for finding the father and telling HIM off, he is the one that deserve it.

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

I would have gone off my tree!! what an irresponsible parent!! and such a great example for his kids too!
I've been on both sides, my son is 21mths and he's always getting hurt at daycare, bites and scratches, he has now learned to pinch from daycare.
The other day we were at an indoor play centre and he was trying to 'help' another child go over this one part of the equipment so he can go down the slide and his 'helping' was pushing the kid over the part and the poor thing got a little hurt but more upset over the push and i went in and apologised to the mother, she was a lil cranky but thanked me for apologising. I then spoke to my lil one about not pushing and waiting our turn, i don't know how much got through but he didn't push anyone else all day. However not 30 mins later some older children came into the toddler section and were playing quite rough and next thing i know my son is in tears, now he's not one to cry when he gets hurt so for him to be in full tears means he's really hurt, I pick him up to find a scratch down his face starting just under his eye, we didn't see what happened as both me and my sister were feeding our lil bubs but it's not hard to guess, and the parents of these older kids were over on the otherside of the centre completely self absorbed. I couldn't confront them as i didn't know which of the three did it and my son can't tell me so that went unpunished, wasn't very happy about it but what can you do when you don't catch them in the act? At least you got to confront that idiot parent, wish i could've!

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