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Too early? Rss

Ok so I havnt even missed MF yet, but since Friday I've been feeling nauseous, tired and generally not well. Would it be too early to be feeling like this if we have conceived this month?

I'm not due till the 26th so am trying not to get my hopes up but can't decide whether or not to go to the doctor coz if i'm not pregnant something must be wrong.

I guess basically what i'm asking is would it be too soon to feel like Im pregnant if im only 2 or 3 weeks?

Thanks in advance

I think everyone has their own experience with this -but having said that I almost instantly became a little sloth... if I could lie down and close my eyes for a minute I would. Which for me was un-heard of I never ever slept during the day. My partner picked up on this before I did... so if u think u might be - why not get a pregnancy test from chemist - they don't cost much and at least u will know and can put mind at ease.
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