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hi, i got given a highchair yesterday. it's got britax childcare pty ltd printed under the footrest. so from wat google tells me that steelcraft? one that is blue check design. fairly simple one. it has a 5 point harness but the criss cross bit that i wouldve assumed would be behind the chair doesnt seem to go there coz to get it there i have to shove it between the seat and back and it twist around a bar and omg. i have no idea. lol. hoping someone can help me here. 3rd son but i never had a highchair b4 so i'm lost. lol drivin me mental... plz help
from lookin at pics of other highchairs, maybe its missing some padding thing or something. coz there is no holes in the chair where the shoulder straps should be coming from... hmm. wat to do sad
sounds like the same or similar. damn... so the back of the straps are just spose to sit behind bubs back? how stupid is that? lol oh well. might just have to buy one. lucky it was free.
3littlemen... ne idea what model its called or anythin so i can google it?
Oh dear..I have one of those silly highchairs..different brand though.
I was confused aswell with the straps the way they designed it, you have the strap going over the childs shoulders (so between the chair and childs have that crisscross strap). It just doesnt look right does it..but thats how it is roll eyes
Its a pain to clean I might I dont bother using it.
I just use the strap with the clip that goes between the legs and across the waist, my dd cant slip through because under the table bit has this plastic attachment that sits between her legs IYKWIM?

Im not sure of the brand sorry but It was a cheapy from Target we were given our's about 6years ago so it was even older than that so Im not sure if they still have them!

Haha I got mine from Target..its Baby Club wink
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