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Do you feed your baby coke? Lock Rss

the thing is coke contains about 35mg of caffeine - a cup of instant coffee contains about 57mg. How many people would let their child drink coffee?

I don't drink Soft Drink. I do drink energy drinks because I hate coffee blink and my DF only drinks soft drink at work.

My DS has only had a few sips of juice besides his normal formula or BM and water.

My FIL tried to get him to drink one of those chilled Mochas...I was like you have got to be kidding!

He has 'swam' through a puddle of Red Bull after I tripped over him while holding a can and smashing to the floor. But no drinking
No way! My DD is 2&1/2 and she has never had soft drink!

She has water, watered down juice or very weak cordial

I one of those meanies who doesn't let her have lollies often either!
No way! DS never has coke and rarely has soft drink! SIL and her hubby have been giving their kids coke since they could eat solids maybe earlier I dont know. DP gets angry at them and tells them how bad it is. Both their kids have eczema and are very unsettled and hyper active at times. I've even raged a storm when they go to pass DS some coke and give him water instead! I don't think people realise how harmful it is especially to children.
No way!! My kids are 5,4,2 and never ever drink coke. hardly ever softdrink either for that matter. I won't ever be allowing them to drink coke.
Thats terrible, I would never give my DS coke until he is at the very least 5!!

I remembered ages ago when I worked at a petrol station a lady when into BP, bought a bottle of FANTA tipped out the water that was in her babies bottle and filled it up with fanta and gave it to herbaby that was IN A CAPSULE!!!

I was horrified and I knew nothing about kids at the time as I was 18.
my 3 year old is allowed to have a small coke from maccas if he gets a happy meal on a rare occassion.

he is allowed a small cup of soft drink at dinner time but other than that its water. juice or milk for breakfast if he likes
Adults should'nt be drinking it let alone kids, i wont give my daughter any for as long as i can , if shes a teenager and decides to put it in her body thats her choice but while you have control ur not doing your job as a mother if you give ur child it , its got nothing but sugar.
No, he only has breastmilk, cows milk and water. He's not a fan of juice. He's had a few drinks of what we are having like a milk shake or something but in general just drinks lots of water. Wouldn't give him coke at 9 months, that's ridiculous!

Both my DS's have coke on the odd occasion, its not like they have it every day.

No, DS (nearly 3) is crazy enough without coke added to the mix. He has never had softdrink or cordial, only water, juice and milk. He reacts to colours & too much sugar so it would be a bad idea in my books! laugh Maybe when he is a much older boy but not as a regular thing.

But *ahem* the asnwer could be yes in a way, as my unborn baby may be enjoying some coke flavoured amniotic fluid right now....(I dont drink it all the time don't worry) gasp

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

Just thought I would I would add my two bobs... No kids of my own yet (not through lack of trying wink )

I worked as a dental nurse for a few years, and something that a lot of mothers dont realise is that even fruit juice can be bad for little ones- when given in a bottle! Drinking something sugary from a bottle (teat) causes a slow drip of sugars onto teeth, which in time can cause cavities etc. So even fruit juice is best given watered down or in a cup (with a bigger flow).

Its something that I found noone ever really talked about, so felt it was worth sharing!!
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