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Do you feed your baby coke? Lock Rss

I must admit I enjoy coke too but no way is DD having it anytime in the near future, I'm interested in the headache cure tho, is that true?

I swear by it now lol I suffer headaches all the time and when I feel one come on I drink some coke and it works I think i read it's the caffeine that helps I get paranoid about how much pain killers I use as my head aches are daily I have been checked out etc and I'm all normal Lol there worse when it's that time of month so I always make sure I have coke and what beats a cold glass of coke with ice cubes on a stinking hot day wink
Our kids are allowed to have 1 small cup of coke zero or pepsi max with their dinner... not every night, but some.
A little bit here and there I think is ok.
It's a choice we've made and we have no problem with it.

I understand that it's just not good to give a child under 18months anything like that.. I think it's feral when people put coke in baby bottles and give it to their little ones...

But a little drink every now and then is ok for us. DD2 gets a little slurp here and there, but definitely not in a bottle or sippy cup!

It's all things in moderation, really..

I don't know if I agree with this. Fizzy drinks are filled with artificial sugar that the body converts to fat. Fruit is filled with natural sugars, that, in moderation, are of vital importance for the body. We buy our fruit and veggies by the bucketload and juice them, I find it the of the most efficient ways to get DS' fruit and veg intake up! The only downside to juice is the lack of fibre that comes from the pulp so you have to compensate for that. But I definitely don't think you can compare (proper) fruit/veg juice (not the crap on the shelves) with fizzy...

Fruit juice and soft drinks do contain roughly the same amount of sugar, with fruit juice though we naturally think that its fruit - therefore its ok because its "natural" but it will have the same effect on your teeth, and weight as soft drink... because sugar is sugar.

If you make your own juice how many pieces of fruit do you use to get 1 glass, its much better health wise and for your teeth to eat 1 or 2 pieces of fruit. I'm sure a glass of vegie juice with 1 piece of fruit added to the mix is a healthy option but if its all fruit the sugar level is very high.

In response to the OP I dont think kids should drink soft drink full stop... and I'm not a fan of juice either.
OMG COKE! No way. My DD is 2 and I couldn't imagine giving her coke. she is a water or milk girl. special treat of very watered down juice! if either DF or I happen to have it and she asks we just tell her its mummy and daddy drink. we sometimes, not often have fizzy at dinner time. she will ask, so I give her some but 1st i fill her cup up with water, then show her that im putting the fizzy in, which turns out to be a drop so she thinks she is having it.
I feel so sorry for young babies being given coke or any fizzy from a bottle. in my opinion bottles are for plain milk/formula or water. none of this fizzy/juice/flavored milk in bottles.
No way, he doesn't even like juice. Wish i never started drinking softdrink. It a bad habit and hard to give up. Should be has good has my son is water and milk that better for me.

My son has just turned 7 and only has had coke mayb half a dozen times!! My DD has never had it and she is 4. they do drink lemonade or lemon squash when we go out for dinner or lunch but I encourage them to have an oj instead but generally get overridden and they have a small lemonade or squash, but they only have one then its water. A mum i used to know used to give her DD coke in her bottle she would have been about 10 months old. By the time she was 1 what teeth she had were rotting and brown!!! :S
No way! One thing I feel strongly about and will get * about is coke or softdrink being given to my kids. He used to always want softdrink because its what his dad had so we would buy natural mineral water and put a bit of juice in it and he thought he was having it. He seems to be over it for the moment so just drinks very watered down juice or water

I knew a kid who had all his front teeth rotten from drinking full strength juice in a bottle all the time and he was quite attached to the bottle so it was always hanging from his mouth. Poor little dude had to have some serious dental work done sad
Nope, I would never feed my baby coke but I bet if I added up all the sugar and crap my kids have eaten in the last two weeks at birthday parties it would be the same as giving them a can of coke! I must try for 100% healthy food to detox them from now on. lol
I personally don't let my daughter drink coke at all!
She is 2 and 3 months and is still only interested in water and milk.
Occasionally i'll give her watered down juice but she's not too fussed over it.
We don't buy coke or fizzy drink in our house. Dd has had it on the very odd occasion when someone ELSE has given it to her (grrrr).

She didn't get to even taste anything fizzy or even lollies/chocolate til she was about 2. The only time she has a lolly now is when I'm bribing her to have panadol! I'm very strict on diet.... I believe it directly affects behaviour. I know someone who gives her kids coke every day, and has done since they were babies. Their behaviour is atrocious.... also due to the other crap they eat to though I would imagine - like chip sandwiches for tea! (i mean crisps from a packet, not hot chips!!!!)

I am a coke addict. Would I give it to my DD just cuz I enjoy it? NO NO NO.
Water and milk for her until she is at least 2-3 in which case maybe a diet lemonade or something for a special occasion.
never at that age. Our kids can have it now occasionally like at parties etc

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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