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I was thinking of washing the nursery's walls with sugar soap before my little one arrives, but I'm not sure how to go about it. What if it leaves more marks on the walls than their was in the first place?! Eeek! Haha, times like these I wish DF was a handyman type tongue
When we moved out of our last house we used sugar soap to clean the walls and it worked well.
Honestly that's all I ever use it for lol. It does a pretty good job smile

Just dilute a small ammount (a capfull is enough I think) in a bucket with some warm water, and use a rag that wont leave fluff bits on the wall. It wont leave more marks lol
sugar soap doesnt stain the walls it does a really good job i use it all the time on my walls just make sure u do the entire area cos if u dont u see wipe marks.
I have found also strangly enougb its works well to spot clean the carpet my son spilled nappy cream on the carpet i sprayed it on and then just rubbed it out and it was gone..
Shocking, nothing gets cream out
Heya - I have used it a lot before but just test it first - in one place I used it ... it took the paint colour out... so maybe find a corner and test first. Like I said this only happened once but better safe then sorry!
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