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what do you do with Lock Rss

hey i was wondering what do you do with your kids artwork?
the good ones i put in those folders with the plastic sleeves and the rest i sometimes use as wrapping papper for family presents. i feel bad if i hust chuck them out.

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I take photos of it all so I can keep the memories there, I keep a few extra special ones plus I use most paintings as gift wrap smile

Stick it on the wall or on the fridge, give it to grandparents, wrap presents, let them choose what they want to do with it.
I give some away to family (no other kids in our family so it is still a novelty!), use some as wrapping paper (stuck on to bigger craft paper for bulky items) and have the intention of taking photos, just havent quite got there yet.
hi there,

I dont have an excess of drawings yet, as DS#1 has only just started daycare. but the ones from playgroup are up on the wall beside the fridge on display... once I have excess i'll use them for wrapping paper:) and save the best in his baby book:)

thanks for replying DS is pretty much making one or two big artworks each week at playgroup so i was curious what others do with it at the moment its in a draw and on the wall
keep some, no idea where they are atm LOL otherwise its called the recycling bin! laugh

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I put the really good ones on the fridge. I ask little master who it's for and he most says Daddy. So hubby hung up a message board in his office and he put's the on that.

placemats (two paintings back to back laminated)
give to family/friends
gift wrap
stick in art scrap book
i also have my daughters artwork on my coffee table top undeneath clear plastic (she did in year 11)
her year 12 piece (length of a table runner) is on my dining table under clear plastic
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