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DP and me often wonder what DD will be when she grows up, she loves "drawing" and will quite happily lay on the kitchen floor and scribble when I cook dinner so we always think she will do something crafty. Or she may end up like me and have no idea what I want to do for a career laugh

Do you think you know what your kids will be?
I do wonder what my kids will be doing when their holder. I see them do something with computer since their daddy does because our oldest likes to watch him fix or when he working on it.

My DS loves anything that flies. Getting into aeronautical engineering would be cool, or astronautical engineering. Engineers are quite prominent in my family, several aunts and uncles have degrees in different forms of engineering. One uncle even has a doctorate in aeronautical engineering. Would be neat if my boy could do something like that, provided he was happy of course.
Both my DF and I work law enforcement though, so he might follow us.
Not really sure, but I think he'll be sporty/athletic. He is very active and loves riding his bikes.

My 13yr old DD has for the last 4.5yrs said she wants to be a midwife and she already knows the requirements she needs to achieve it. My 12yr old DS wants to fly helicopters he is torn between wanting to do rescue chopper or joining the military and flying black hawks...big dreams smile My 8yr old hasnt really expressed any career dreams but I think it will be something that allows him to express his flamboyant personality. My 4.5y old DD I think will end up doing something music based...singing, playing, producing, teaching, DJ-ing ect. Music is her higher power. Its her calming force, her motivator her everything lol

An ALL BLACK!!!!!! And the Prime Minister of NZ!!!!!!
Aim for the top and if he gets half way there - great - if he gets to the top - well done him!

I think he will be a great sportsperson because both DF and I are and our families and sports is compulsory while at school in our house. Plus he is super co-ordinated!
Job wise it will definatly be something with his hands where he destroys things! He seems to be a thinker and rather intelligent so he could have got the brains from someone in the family!

I reckon DS2 will be a truck driver lol, or maybe the army like his uncle!. DS1 maybe a teacher of some sort he likes that kind of thing
DD is obsessed with the moon and is always saying "I reach it??" and stretching her little arms up into the sky.

So maybe she'll be an astronaut?? wink
My dd wants to be a scarecrow. laugh
My DD wants to be a rainbow mermaid fairy and fly in a rocket to the moon, she told me she will need to take fish fingers with her "cause I like fish fingers" laugh laugh
If I had to guesse right now I couldnt go past a Fireman!
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