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So pending the outcome of a job I applied for (and have convinced myself I didnt go well in) we are considering a move- location is open and neither of us have any idea other than that we want more affodable housing, jobs (I'm a social worker, DF an electrician so both relatively flexible).

So my question to you all- if you could live anywhere in Australia where would it be and why?? This may even be where you live now- please give us some ideas smile
probably glenelg area in sa, currently live in tas. Dh said IF we ever moved from here the only place he would want to move is sa and we have a close friend up there and his family. And its a lovely place imho smile
I'm originally from country Vic. We moved over to Perth about 5 yrs ago and absolutely LOVED it! Its sooo beautiful!!! But, its expensive sad
Its also very far away from both of our families, so when we discovered we were having a baby, we moved back to Adelaide where DP's family is. He still works in WA and I'm closer to his family and mine back in VIC.
I like it in Adelaide, but not as much as I did in Perth.
I think the next place we'll try is along the QLD coast smile
(although I'll always be a country girl at heart)
Live in the Adelaide hills and it's perfect. It takes 25 mins to get to the city. Great wineries. Beautiful countryside. Good schools within 20 mins. Adelaide has lovely beaches. Need I go on?
Not wanting to sound like a negative nancy but I can tell you where not to go! On the Gold Coast there are hundreds of electricians out of work, the jobelss rate is getting higher, housing is less affordable and it is becoming overcrowded forcing locals to move and look for work in other cities. I love it here but it is definitely not the Gold Coast from 10 years ago. I'd try somewhere smaller if that's what you like, and somewhere there is a demand for electricians with new developments or union sites.

I have heard Adelaide is a great place to live, I'd love to go there one day.
I may be a bit biased but my family live in Cairns and I would move there in a heart beat if I was given the go ahead..... or up in the tablelands if I had to. I absolutely love Kuranda and could imagine myself living there happily too.
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