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have a party to go to.and have been asked to bring a plate...I thought mini egg and bacon mini vegitarian mini quiches,
any other I have to drive 3 hrs to get quick and easy

Hey if you wanna give a true vegetarian quiche-ish thing a go, try this.

1 can of creamed corn
silken (soft) tofu (i use about 125-150gms per can of corn)
mixed herbs

mix the above ingedients together

line greased mini/muffin trays with puff pastry, individually (borgs or pampas i think is vegan). Then spoon in the mix.

Bake according to puff pastry instruction, which i think is about 20 mins in a hot (200-220) oven.

These are super easy and super tasty. And vegan.

I'm a vegetarian who doesn't eat eggs so it can drive me crazy when people make egg dishes for vegetarians smile
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