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Hi girls,

I have a 4 month old DS who loves being wrapped, the trouble is he is getting to big for the wraps now and as soon as he gets a hand out he can't be resettled, therefor sleep time is over!!

I tried a sleeping bag today (cold turkey on the wrapping) - failed after a long period of resettling, I also tried unwrapping just one arm to ease him into in - no way!

So really, what else can I do? Is there any tips you can offer or any products your aware of that can help?

Thanks x
I'd get a bigger wrap! DD#1 loved being wrapped, I ended up stopping at about 9 months when she moved from a hammock to a cot and she was fine (she started sleeping on her tummy at that point too!). Even now (she is almost 3) when she is a bit unwell or upset I have to tuck her in really tight to get her to go to sleep.
Thanks Nodrog,

I think I've got the biggest wraps, 1m x 1.2m and he still escapes! I am also concerned that he'll roll himself over & get stuck face down with his arms tucked in.
I just used cot sheets when my girls grew out of the largest size wraps. Because they were so contained, they settled beautifully, and at that age, didn't flip themselves onto their tummy, unless their arms were free.

3 girls are enough...the shop is now shut!

Try using a single sized sheet.
I use this and then a safe T sleep (which you could make) to stop bubs rolling onto her tummy and getting stuck there.
The sheet sounds like a great idea (why did I not think of that??), I wouldn't be able to make one from fabric as I couldn't sew to save my own life, lol.

So it seems I'll just keep wrapping him since he's happy & try the sleeping bag again in a few months time

Cheers x
I used a Wrap Me Up Baby Swaddle to transition between wrap and sleeping bag. Though probably not best if your little one is rolling. But certainly worth a look if not rolling yet - we loved them. They've still got some movement within the swaddle but are still contained.

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