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Hi We have a new Kindy to open next year. I was thinking about putting
my DS in. As the Kindy is at his school that he will be going to in 2013.

He does go to daycare now 2 days a week.

Are they good or bad?

Thanks for reading Amanda.

Hi, I think it would depend on the actual centre and who runs it. My DD1 goes to a C&K Kindy and we love it to bits. I wouldn't have one complaint avbout it. But friends of ours have their kids in one in a different city and due to the lady running it, they aren't happy with it at all. But I say go for it!
C&K all the way!! They are amazing. Both my boys went there the year before school and I can't wait till my DD can start there. They have such amazing facilities and program. I also think it makes them more ready for school (personal opinion). Its good that the kids in the class are the same kids everyday they go (unlink childcare), they all arrive and are picked up at the same time which gets them ready for the school routine (unlink childcare) and they have the stability of the same kids and teachers all year (unlike childcare where kids move rooms and teachers switch and are on different shifts, early/late/lunch releif). Its such a great program and the bonus of your new one being at the school (ours isn't but one is opening in a couple of years) is that the majority of the kids will all start Prep together.

Good luck with your decision. Only you will know whats right for your child smile
Hi thankyou so much for your reply's.

I am going to talk more to DH about it tonight.
But if it is less money then daycare I think we will
do it. But I know it they don't go at school holidays.

I am happy with DS daycare they do so much with the kids.

Also when he starts prep in 2013 he should have made some friends as the kindy at his school.

Personal opinion but I would put my child in a C&K for kindy over a daycare anyday.

Both my kids went to a C&K kindy. I found the structure, environment and program a fantastic introduction into fulltime school (i.e. prep)
Hi - my daughter has been to both daycare and a C & K Kindy and we both absolutely LOVE the kindy. She is finishing next week. sad

The teachers are brilliant, and as a PP mentioned the routine/ structure/ same classmates etc is such a good introduction to prep.

For me, the only downside is if you are working the hours dont suit.
Otherwise - go for it.

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

I would choose a c&k over a daycare as well. The teachers are teachers, they have degrees and some with masters. Most are run with a lot of help from the parents so be prepared to be asked to pitch in every now and then. Most are around $25 a day and some aren't registered care so there is no centrelink benefit. They are a 5 day fortnight roster and they run on the state school holidays so there is no care during holidays. The one near us is 8.30am-2.30pm. It might be worth putting his name down asap, I had mine on the list for 2 years and we only just made it in but they are opening a lot here as well.
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