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Do you refrigerate your eggs? Lock Rss

As the title says... do you refrigerate your eggs?

My mum (a nurse) was absolutely nutty about food hygiene when I was young (and still is). We always had our eggs in a basket, away from sunlight.

This is how I've stored my eggs since leaving home. (I'm also pretty sure that until recently, supermarkets had their eggs stored on un-refigerated shelves?)

So last night I boiled some eggs, forgot about them and left them sitting in the water for 3-4 hrs, I googled food safely la la la to see if they would be safe to eat, and I came across this...

Q. I forgot and left 4 eggs in room temp water overnight. Can these be hard boiled, refrigerated and eaten? Thank you.

A. No, no, no! Discard the eggs. Once left at room temperature, the danger zone temperature, for more than two hours, if pathogenic microorganisms were present, no amount of cooking will be able to kill all the bacteria or toxins that had developed in that time. *

and this...

Q. I bought a carton of eggs and forgot to put it in the fridge. It was therefore at room temperature for about 12 hours. Is it still safe to consume the eggs....Thanks.

A. Discard the eggs. They have been left out in the danger zone temperature for more than two hours. *

So now I'm frrrrreaking out! Have I just been suuuuuper lucky to have gone more than 26 years without a serious dose of food poisoning? Where do you keep your eggs?

* copied and pasted from this website

Yes I've always refridgerated my eggs. I'm so worried about food poisoning as dh has had it a couple of times always from store bought ready made convenience foods.
Maybe your house is nice and cool and also because you have them out of sunlight maybe that makes a differance(sp). Very interesting
Yes mine are kept in the fridge, but at the supermarket they are all on the shelf.
I've always put mine in the fridge. The shops still have air con on so not exactly at room temperature.

Fridge for sure wink
As of reading this post.... the FRIDGE!!!

Ours are in the fridge & the same at woolies

we used to keep them in the pantry as I thought it was ok cause they were on the shelves in the supermarket and then came across like the posts you did and freaked out being pregnant and started keeping them in the fridge and have kept doing so since. I guess it can't be too bad since I know a lot of people don't refrigerate them including but by the sounds of it its recommended/the best by date will be according to refrigerated conditions.
I have always kept mine in the fridge once at home. Coles here has theirs on the shelf and woolies has theirs in the fridge. I think they would keep longer in the fridge, but who knows!

I always thought that once they were cooked they should be refrigerated, but DH's family have hard boiled eggs at easter and apparently they keep them out for a day or two at least then still eat them... They have never had a problem (but I am still paranoid and wont eat them smile)
Lol, I'm glad I'm not the only one?

Will be keeping them in the fridge from now on though!

Fridge at our place too! smile
I'm also wondering how long they sit after they're laid? The same website says they must be refrigerated within 2hrs of laying... if you're buying free range eggs (which I do) ... how do they know when an egg has been laid, do they monitor the nests every 2 hrs???

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