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Do you refrigerate your eggs? Lock Rss

Fridge, but i've never really thought about it! That's where Mum has always kept her eggs so i'm just doing what i've learn't. But that info is definitly interesting to know!

Coles and Woolworths where I live keeps them in the fridge, but woolworths has only been doing it since they did their reno's.
I have a question: Do you put them in the fridge in the carton?

You don't have to keep your eggs in the fridge, though I do. A day out of the fridge is equal to a week in the fridge, so they just last a lot longer. Shops usually have such a high turnover that it isn't really a worry keeping the eggs on the shelf, though you'd usually find it is smaller stores who don't have much fridge space, and they don't put a large amount of eggs out. The rest would be in the fridge out the back.

If you are worried, just pop a raw egg in a bowl of water. If it sinks it's good, if it floats chuck it out.

Also, my friends are Italian and they make the Easter bread with the egg baked in its shell stuck in - they don't refrigerate them after baking them and no one has ever gotten sick eating them!

Oh and the shells are porous, so if you leave them in the carton they don't absorb other smells and flavours from the fridge.


I have a question: Do you put them in the fridge in the carton?

Yep. DS can shut the door quite hard sometimes so they would prob fall out of the door laugh

In NZ, I don't refrigerate.

In the US, I refrigerate.

It depends what household I'm in. Have I noticed a difference? No.

Personally, I wouldn't refrigerate because the egg was warm when it was laid and for thousands of years we didn't have a way to refrigerate them. Why start now? I can only assume we chill them in the US as part of health and safety. In NZ, we don't because it is alleged to alter the taste and make the eggs go bad.

Oh, and the same storage choices go for retailers that sell the eggs.

I have never been poisoned. But I don't eat heaps of eggs. If the egg had been cooked, I assume it's better to treat it like any other cooked animal product and stick it in the fridge until eaten.
Ok, so I've been googling... again lol.

For the most part it seems that it's only important in the US and Canada (the site the Q&A came from was Canadian) because they wash their eggs (which strips the protective layer from the shell) and this makes them more suseptible to salmonella and other nasties.

I cannot, however find any reliable info to back this up (only other forums etc.) so I will be refrigerating them (in the carton) from now on just to be safe smile

Yep. DS can shut the door quite hard sometimes so they would prob fall out of the door laugh

That was on my mind too, DS has just found the fridge and likes to help mum out and rearrange things - I was thinking that might not be a good idea if they weren't in the carton.

Yes, they live in the fridge smile

That's what my mother does, and I think most of us women end up copying what our mum's did in the kitchen/house. I mean, I've packed most things in my kitchen cupboards the same way my mum has hers!

I am in NZ and I keep mine in the pantry, always have. We eat them quite fast though.
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I put mime in the Frige.

In the fridge, it makes my stomach turn thinking of eggs being left out, it's an animal product. bleugh.
I always have eggs in the fridge... as dose my mum.

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