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So DH has an ingrown toenail and has let it go for so long that it is quite infected. I told him to push the skin back away from the nail and to lever the nail out a little bit but not to cut it... Well he is a sook and cannot even handle the pain long enough to push the skin back! I consulted Dr. Google and it said the mix some chilli powder with water to a paste and put that on it with a bandaid over top and it's meant to help draw the infection out. Does anyone have any other ideas??

Oh he is a diesel mechanic so wears boots all day and wearing open shoes isn't an option.

When I used to get ingrown toe nails I would clean a pin or needle with sanitizing gel then carefully pierce the infection site just enough to open it up I would then soak it in very warm salt water (using sea salt) Once I soaked and had drawn the gunk out I would carefully cut the nail directly across but not to the edge on the infected side I would leave a mm or 2 and I would pull the nail out so that the spur on the side of the nail comes out...its the spur that causes the most pain. And soak daily for at least a week....If he cant handle doing it then he needs to see a podiatrist

My brother used to get a terrible ingrown toenail on the big toe of one of his feet. He ended up getting it surgically fixed and has not had a problem since.

DH gets them too, he just cuts the spur out himself whenever it gets to be sore.
My DH used to get them too, but has since had surgery on it. Anyways, he would soak his foot in a warm salt foot bath at the first signs,which helped alot. It could be enough to stop the infection any further. And I can attest to it because when i started to get one he would get me to do the same thing!
I think it may have been something he was told by his dr once . smile

I used to wear steel capped boots for work. To avoid having smelly boots and also risk of infection I would put talc/baby powder into my boots when I got home to draw out any moisture overnight. Also you might want to throw out all of his sock and invest in some new pairs if there is already infection of the ingrown toe nail.

I know this doesn't help with the ingrown nail he will have to suck it up and stop being a baby if he wants it
My brother used to get them all the time, until he got half his toe nail surgically removed. But the dr told him for his other foot to make a V in the top of the toe nail, on the side prone to infection, and half way between the side and middle of the toe - make any sense? Apparently the toenail trys to make itself grow together. Hence pulling the toe in, and not pushing into the skin.
I do this on my big toes all through winter, and have done it on DF's a couple of times, seems to work.

As a Podiatrist I LOVE hearing all the ideas that are out there...

DH probably not too much of a wuss as feet are highly sensitive. Things he may wish to consider are:
- always cut nail straight across, never down sides and never short
- don't cut a V in tne nail, studies say it does nada
- clean around the sides of the prone nail when NOT affected with a nail brush (old toothbrush works well) in shower to remove skin build up
- Apply liquid betadine to infected area - you can do this post a 5 minute ONLY soak in warm, NOT hot salted water and cover with a dry dressing to keep it dry and protected (not bandaids, cutiplast better)
- wear roomy or open shoes
- if recurrent consider seeing a Podiartist and having the offending section of nail removed
- consider seeing a Podiatrist for them to deal with current problem using a local anaesthetic to manage pain
- sometimes gently packing along the side of the nail with a soft foam or sliver of cotton wool can create enough of a space to stop the nail becoming ingrown

Of course, this advice comes with the caveat it depends on the situation and it does not replace the advice of a qualified health professional who has seen the toe and knows your husband. Really, the best thing is to get a GP or Podiatrist to look at it if as bad as it sounds as he may even need antibiotics, especially if he has other health problems like diabetes.

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