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Do you name your Wi-Fi? Rss

Awhile back, i read on the web some funnies with changing your Wi-Fi connection name.

Ours is currrently: Pretty Fly For A Wi-Fi.
Used to be: FBI Survellance Van.
And before that was: Porn Headquarters.

What do you name yours?

Hahaha love those names Skip and i'm loving the signature photo laugh

DF called ours Virus, so people wouldn't try to connect to it but it requires a code anyway

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

We are the pretty much the same as pp, ours is 'virus detected' hubby changed it to deter people from hacking into our wi-fi.
Ours is just our names, how original!! But my sister lives in an apartment complex and her wifi is called .. I can hear you having sex... Bet the neighbors are a tad paranoid now. Cheeky wink
Ours was just our names, but after reading this, I am changing it to "Virus"! That's great! laugh

I had wi-fi and recently had to change as our bills were going up so much!!! has dropped soooooo much since changing!! the device was playing up anyhow as i was always turning it on and off between uses at the end and that seemed to stuff with its brains!! We did have a password and all.... but I know others in the area have had the same prob. one of the wi-fi's in our areas name is get ur own wirless.....they changed it when I found I was thinking hey wtf is going on!! now I know I was paying for someone to surf the net and dowload alot! grrrr!!!!

I pay hardly anything now! even tho im with telstra... happy I made the change new technology isnt always best hey!!

Ps love ur names for ur wifi's!

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