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ii ladies im just wondering if any 1 has a tag or tag junior? can i use a tag with the junior books or vice versa. my son will b 2n half on boxing day and im thinking of getting him 1 for xmas but not sure which 1 as reviews i read all said the normal tag holds twice as many books as the junior tag and that the tag junior was more difficult when downloadin. Thanks in advance!
My 2.5 year old has a tag junior. He got given it for his birthday. Can store 5 books at a time. He has 3 books currently and that seems to keep him going. I didn't find the downloading of the books hard but don't really have anything to compare it to. Hope that helps.
I have both. You can't use the books from one with the other.

I don't find downloading the books difficult; it's the same website and process for both. The Tag definitely holds more books than the Junior.

The Tag Junior requires less motor control to use, and the unit is designed to suit the way younger children hold a pencil. The Tag requires much more precision and a more mature grip.

Hope that helps smile
I have the tag reader and I have easily put the tag jnr books onto it but you can't do it the other way around. The tag reader holds roughly ten reader books. You do need to be more precise with a tag reader but that is easy to do whilst sitting with your child and it is a good way of developing their hand-eye co-ordination. My 3 yr old now works his relatively easily by himself and seems to prefer the reader books over his tag jnr books. It can take a while to navigate the leapfrog website so I recommend downloading the books onto the reader before wrapping the present. Oh and my 3 yr old got his reader when he was 2 for last xmas. Hope that helps with your decision.
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