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My kids will have a bad xmas Lock Rss

Well there is less than 2 weks to go till xmas and my kids have one present each so far. sad.
I have had so many unexpected bills and my money is so tight.
I always pay my bills on time and rent etc. I have budgeted for the next 2 weeks and it does not look good.
I did have money put away for xmas but with my dogs vet bills, the car breaking down, the fridge crapped itself, and the electricity bill, its all gone up to sh#T.
So im not sure how to get around it.
Not much i can do really.
I feel like the worst mum ever!!!!
Have a hunt around some second hand shops. Kids don't care - as long as they are entertained.

My dd informed me at our family secret santa that her Whoopie cusion was the best present she's ever got - it cost $2!

It's not about the number of presents they have... they are lucky to be loved and have a mum that actually cares.

There are also plenty of activities you can do... make some cards or decorations and do up the lounge room with paper chains and tinsel, make some muffins and let them decorate them. Heaps of cheap ideas around if you look for them. smile

thanks ladies.
They are great ideas. My kids ages are 12, 10, 9, 4.
I will look at some second hand shops, and maybe something like go-lo?
I can only do what i can.
money is tight for us this year and so instead of doing anything big for ds we have basically spent under $100 on little things.

i got him things like craft bits and pieces, crayons, bubbles, toy tools, chalk, a dolls pram that was $6 from kmart. most of the toys i got were under $5 so we were able to get alot for our money and i know he will feel spoiled rotten and have a tonn of things to do on xmas and the following days rather than buying a couple of more expensive items that may last him a day or so.
Make some special time on Christmas day to go to the park or the beach. Spend a few dollars at cheap as chips or big w to buy some cheap toys to play with when you get there.wrap them and take with you for the kids to open up when they get there. They can then play with them straight away. Could make kites out of paper and garden canes to take with you.
Get the older kids involved with making decorations and cookies with the younger kids.
Do movies at an $8 dvd from big w, put it on with the lights off and curtains closed, pop some popcorn in a saucepan as a surprise, and some fizzy drinks.
Money has been very tight for us too this year but I've realized there are other things you can do. This year I'm making my son different coloured playdough and giving that, I'm making his a mixed CD with his favourite songs on it for in the car and buying a few toys from the market on Saturday. I think I might spend around $50 on him total this year. Your definitely not a bad mum. You're obviously trying your best - your children are lucky to have a mother that cares so much grin
sorry to hear things a tight, when I was on the pension with 3 small children I use to go to the reject shop, go-lo, etc and buy a lot of small things and fill up the kids own pillow cases (saves buying xmas stockings) and place them at the ends of their beds. The kids would wake up squealing that they got so much and it didnt bother me if any of the small toys got broken because they were so cheep. I would buy colouring in books, small pencils, glue, stickers, cars, small chocolates, etc.
Do you have a friend with a printer, you could print of xmas pictures from the net and place them in the pile for the children to colour in. My kids use to sit for ages threading popcorn onto cotton to wind around the tree, needless to say they had more fun munching on them.
Perhaps place a box under the tree with paper plates, plastic cups etc and a note from Santa to go on a picnic??
I like the idea of a box full of art & craft materials as a present. Hope it all goes well with xmas for you and your children smile
Hey Chloe sorry your having a bad time at the moment, it certainly all goes bad at once doesn't it. If your kids like getting in the kitchen how about buying baking ingredients for christmas rocky road, truffles, the good old chocolate crackles, cookies or any other treats they like. Then they could have fun doing some baking. If your kids like doing craft you can get pretty cheap craft packs from discount stores for cheap gifts.
You are a terrific mum who does the best for her kids( I've read some of your previous posts about your struggle to get child support ) and I'm sure your kids know how much you do for them.
Just a thought....
Also how about getting in touch with your local Salvation Army. They do Christmas pressies for familys who are short of money. The gifts from Kmart wishing tree go to them. When people give pressies to the wishing tree they would want there pressies going to a family like yours.
Good luck with everything and please remember even if you had a fun day at a park with a picnic with your kids they would love it. smile Big hugs xx
Your not a bad mother. Your a great mother for thinking of your kids. They really don't need many presents to make them happy. Just spend some quality time one on one with them and they will think that it's great that you are enjoying time together. I think that you are a better parent than the one that can't afford a heap of presents but go and buy them anyway and then have to pay for them all the following year and struggle to pay rent and have power just for presents that kids play with for 5 min.

I cook with all my kids and they love it. It does not cost very much and they enjoy eating all the thing that we have made together.

Hope that you have a fantstic Christmas and New Year and you enjoy your family time together.

What about buying one big thing for them to share, like a Slip 'n' Slide and then some of the cheap little stocking stuffers from the cheapie shops? You're not a bad mum Chloe, you are doing your best and I bet if you explained to the kids (esp the older ones) they would understand x
From what I have read on here you sound like an amazing mum who just wants the best for her kids!

When I about 8, we had Xmas with just me, bro, and mum. We had no $ and very little furniture (recent separation). But it was one of the happiest Xmas's I have ever had.

Mum cooked us a "special" breaky, we had always had our cereal up until that xmas. She also got a REAL xmas tree as a treat (weren't so expensive in those days). We played a board game in the morning. We went to nanas for lunch, but it was just a normal roast chicken meal as $ was tight for nana too. In the afternoon, mum taught us how to use her camera - that was a real treat! It cost mum $2000 before she had us kids, so a pretty flash camera. The photos from that day are some of the best and we all treasure them dearly!

In our stockings we had fav buscuits, fruit, choc bar. Plus a couple of toys each. And we got a water sprinkler - kept us and friends amused all holidays!

To me, it was the time spent with my full-time working mother that made Xmas!

The voucher book is a great idea Unique1 smile
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