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We are nearly at the end of the year Lock Rss

Sum up your year in a couple of sentences.

We had the best year in a while.

Highs- 2 new babies born into the family,Watching my boys grow and learning new things every day, managed to fit in 3 family holidays this year which is very odd for us, no one died.

Lows- Watching DH go to work in a job he hates, not seeing my family as much as I would have liked.
Highs - watching my beautiful girl grow into a toddler

Lows - Not being able to spend much time with dh
Uni (the things we do for our kids hey lol)
Highs: We started the year with a bang... we got married. This year has been about making the life of our immediate family better. DH and I have grown together this year and are working well together. Both of us have worked on being better parents and creating a loving, stable, fun home for our kids- not that it wasnt before it is just more so now.

Lows: Dad being so sick and DH's family.... well just being idiots really- but at the end of the day that has helped DH and I become stronger in our relationship.
My blog, take a peek into my world

ah nice post smile

Highs: Watching DD grow into her own little person and watching ourselves grow as parents and DH got a great new job and we got pregnant again grin

Lows: Watching my Grandma get sicker sad

All up it has been a very good year for us, very lucky smile

All the best to everyone for 2012!!! x

The highs - Finding out we were expecting a baby, giving birth to our son, getting to know our son and watching him learn new things every day, growing closer as a couple

The lows - our money situation really sucks, being incredibly lonely as I dont have many mummy friends and my old 'friends' treat me like I have the plague, terrible morning sickness for the first 4 months of my prengnacy, having my son hospitalised at 3.5 weeks and now waiting for tests in January which will determine if he needs surgery.
2011 has been one of my favourite years: so many life changing events for the better:

Highs: getting pregnant with our 2nd child... We'll get to meet in next month smile
Getting married to my gorgeous husband!! Finally making our family complete!!
Moving to a new city for my husbands work.... I love the city we moved to... I think we have found our home!!
My husband moving up a level at his job... He has been working very hard for this and so proud he achieved it!!
I transferred with my work and also moved up a position smile
DD is finally at a daycare she loves and fits in!!
And finally DH and I finally working as one... I feel we are really on the same page for dreams and our families future!! We have finally got to were we need to be smile

Lows: not many, mainly just not going back 'home' this year were most of my family is, we live interstate so its alot of organizing to go back... We just couldn't fit it in this year unfortunately sad

The most amazing year of my life!!!


My DS was labour, birth and hospital visit were all such pleasant and amazing experiences. He absolutely makes every day sunnier and I have never been so happy before.

DH and I got married! Although it was stressful planning, the day was all I could've asked for and more.

We found out we are expecting baby number 2!


Money has been tight, especially after the wedding :/

My best friend and I had a huge falling out. We are still no longer friends.

It's been a pretty good year. Very stressful and full on...but so many great things have happened and we are looking forward to 2012!
Has been a pretty full on year here

highs have been giving birth to my second son in May and getting to watch him grow every day smile having lots of family support since moving back to my home town, DS1 turned 5 and started school in July

lows have been going through Feb earthquake in chch, picking up our whole lives and moving cities, then moving house at 38wks pregnant(one wk before DS2 was born!) dp finding it difficult to find work and money being very tight plus relationship issues!

It's been a very up and down year, really stressful but wouldn't change my beautiful little family for the world smile
This year has been uP and down I suppose I want a clean healthy start in 2012

Our highs were
The twins turned one dd1 turned 3 and had her first day at preschool last week watching them grow and learn and there personalities really blossoming.
Dp got a raise and started doing trips which is what he wanted to do and I can see him happier now with his job which in turn makes every one happy lol

The lows.....we miscarried our surprise bub, family had some arguements but All good now phew Dp's nan is sick and will be in hospital over Xmas sad
Dps mum hasn't changed still the wicked b!tch as usual lucky his got a awesome step mum who treats my kids like her grand children smile

I hope every one has a great 2012 filled with things that will make a brighter year smile
Mum to 4 kids I wish your Dh the best of health I hope he makes a full recovery big hugs must be so hard on you wishing you and your family all the best xxx
This year has been nothing but bad luck for me..bring on 2012! grin
Hi I will start with high's. My DD can ride her bike without training
DS has not had dummy for 10months. DS has been day time toilet train for
10months now.

Low's My Husband has put on all his weight Now 160KG sad I am so sad to say that.

For me I still feel fat ugly have no friends at all or a job. I had to take out my tragus piercing out as it had a bubble & would't go away, but I love it so much & everyone in my town has got one. sad
We had to sell the car to get money just had no money for food each week.
DS will not be going to daycare but will go to kindy as it cost less.

low's my DS will never be night time toilet trained.
He will never learn his ABC & numbers. I try so much with him.
Low's DD I having a lot of trouble at school also with her learning.
all the kids can read & do maths really good but not her.
I worry that she's going to be like me with no friends. Also getting picked on.

I don't think any year I will be happy.

Thanks for reading.

Highs: DS starting prep and seeing him do so well and really love it.
DD1 starting 3yo kinder and enjoying every minute of it.
Watching all 3 kids grow into beautiful people, that love each other so much.
Finding out I'm going to be an aunty!

Lows: Dad being diagnosed with bowel cancer.
DH starting a new job at a new restaurant that worked him too much, then made him redundant as they couldn't afford to keep him on.
Having a few money issues when DH lost his job.
My grandma being diagnosed with mouth and throat cancer, which they thought they'd got rid of, but she has now just found out the mouth cancer is back and has to have part of her jaw removed next year.
Not seeing DH much at all since finding a new job - it gets very hard.

I cant wait to see the back of this year - I've never said that before, no matter what has happened during the year I have always seen the positive. But, this year has just been too much (there has been little things here and there that I haven't mentioned).
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