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is there anyone out there....... Lock Rss

I personally think he's dreaming and he's going to end up old and single. sounds like he expects too much in a female...LOL goodluck to him! roll eyes
Um well if he isn't going to change his persepctive on how a woman should be he is either going to cop a smack in the mouth one day from one AND...end up old and lonely..unless there is someone out there like that??

I know i'm not lol when I go out..that is when I make the effort to look good but around the house...If and that's a big if..I feel motivated enough after doing everything I will tidy myself up abit and try to look like a normal human being..but I am only slumming around the house so 90% of the time I don't really see the need to blink

Good luck with his search! lol
Sorry to say this but the only way he will find someone like that is to buy a blowup doll...won't talk back to him, wont voice an opinion, will wear what he puts on her and is accessible at all times LOL. He needs to grow up and get a real perspective on relationships and people. Yep I agree with you unless he changes he will grow old and lonely or he needs to meet a very very strong minded woman to sort him out smile
He's dreaming if he thinks any women is like that lol. I agree that he'll probably end up old and single and LONELY as all his friends will of settled down.
There was a doco on tv I was watching the other night it was on robotic girlfriends (yeah I was bored lol)
If he has a spare $7000 all his dreams could be met cos I highly doubt his going to find a chick like that in the real world unless he makes a time machine and goes back the the fifties where women were expected to act like that roll eyes times have changed and he needs to respect a woman and not have this dream of the perfect woman cos no one is perfect!!!!
Prehaps he's never actually been in love. If he truly loved someone those things wouldn't matter.

Prehaps he's never actually been in love. If he truly loved someone those things wouldn't matter.

Exactly! wink
Hubbys best mate used to have ideals like that....until he met his now wife and suddenly all those stupid trivial things didnt matter. I think that both maturity and fears of commitment and being hurt feed these unrealistic expectations of the opposite sex...I know women who do the same.

he sounds like my ex partner! blink
Unfortunately this sounds similar to my close friends husband - especially the trackies part. He wont let her wear trackies, ever! When she was heavily pregnant, she got sick of wearing her jeans and needed to be comfy, so found an old pair of trackies to put on. When her husband got home he had a go at her for "giving up on her looks", and demanded she take them off, so she did <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />

Prehaps he's never actually been in love. If he truly loved someone those things wouldn't matter.

So true! I never would've thought i'd find a hairy chest/belly sexy before I met my DF and I think he is the bomb hahaha. Not that is like carpet hairy but I suppose even if he had that i'd still love him the same.

As for not wearing trackies, having to wear make-up and all that jazz...well DF certainly wont be getting that out of me! He's had me on a loose rein far too long and i'm a bum around the house laugh

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

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