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  5. Anyone else watch "One Born Every Minute" and weep like a baby?!??!

Anyone else watch "One Born Every Minute" and weep like a baby?!??! Rss

Ah go on grin wink

I have watched a few episodes at dads cos they watch it there but never at home as I forget!! Have to set a reminder, I really enjoy it smile

I've been watching it too but am freaking out about labour now that im getting closer :/
I absolutely love the show! Iam totally addicted. Ive been watching it since I was pregnant with my daughter almost 2 yrs ago. Its what made me want to be a midwife. I completely understand how you feel it makes me all sappy and think about having more babies.
I'm addicted to the show, now that I'm pregnant I bawl like an absolute baby (boo hoo noises and all!) whereas not pregnant it was more welling eyes lol mid show I'm like ahhh what did I sign up for! but the happiness at the end always reminds you why smile
I cry everytime I see a baby getting born on any show ever since I had DS. However I barred myself from watching One Born Every Minute early on this pregnancy as it was scaring me, but I am more comnfortable with the idea of labour again so i'd probably be able to watch it.

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

We don't have this show in NZ, but it sounds fantastic! I'm going to go have a look on youtube smile
I'm going to go against the grain and say I can't stand it!! It just annoys me for some reason.... I do however like A baby story which shows on discovery health I think.

I think I prefer the shows that just focus on one story at a time. wink
I all could think about was how bad that young girl's teeth were! Do they not have dentists in the UK?!
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