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Whinge whinge whinge Rss

I feel like I just get used. Sil never calls or visits unless she wants something. Money, baby sitting ect. She called last night and said she was going too pop round.. So I said too dh I wonder what favour she will ask now? He's response was don't be such a bitch, maybe shes just coming for a visit! Yeah right. Well not even two minutes in the door she asks can I watch her kids over the weekend. ( Don't you hate being put on the spot too lol.) I love my nieces too death but the youngest it hard work and doesn't listen what so ever. I have a toddler and a baby too look after, adding two more kids is bloody hard work. Im exhausted and sleep deprived as it is. Dh works weekends so hes not here too help either. Ahh and I would feel like a bitch for saying no. I think it's the fact that their is hardly any contact with her unless she wants something that upsets me the most. Pointless whinge but I really feel like a doormat some times and this has been bugging me all day!
Sorry to hear that... and it doesnt help when your DH calls you a bitch when he knows you are right...

i guess you should tell your SIL no next time she asks for a favour (but then that would make you a bitch in her eyes)

or maybe you should do what she does and put her on the spot and ask her to babysit your children... see if she likes it.
I have a friend who only ever texts or pops over when she needs a baby sitter. My youngest wasnt even a week old when she asked me to babysit her high maintenance dd (she litterally has to be carried or sit on your lap the whole time cos thats what mum has get her used to) Its not nice to use someone like that. I would just say sorry, but this time i cant help you.
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