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I just don't see the point of baby on board signs, like people are going to drive safer around you because you have a baby? I'm sorry, I was going to crash into you, but seeing as you have a baby on board, I'll crash into that car over there instead! I just don't get it lol tongue

Baby on board signs inform ambulance workers that there was a child in your car so your car will be checked first...

Just wanted to say for those that don't know.

The reason the baby on board signs were made was because sadly years ago there was a car accident were a baby was killed. The rescue crews did not find the babies body as it had been throw under the front car seat. The idea was thought for parents to put the baby on board sign on their vehicle whenever they travelled with their babies so if involved in an accident the rescue crews knew to look for a baby and hopefully save a life.
I have a Baby on Board sign on my car for this very reason.

years ago as well it wasnt mandatory to use car seats for babies- I came home from the hospital in a basket on the floor of the back seat( hence why a baby might end up under the front seat) These days with car seats and/or those car shades some people have, that would be a give away that perhaps a baby is travelling in the car.

We are supposed to only have the baby on board sign when we have babies in the car, but I am lucky to get out of the house with everything I need let alone remembering to also put on a baby on board sign. And if having a baby on board sign makes the difference to saving a life then why complain?

As for the My Family stickers, my cousin created them and lucky for him, plenty of people LOVE them!
We live in a rural area. At first I thought they were cute. We ordered the stickers and were one of only a couple of cars that had them. The kids still love them, but now a local store sells them and they are on nearly every car which is annoying cos now we are just one of the crowd.

There are great stickers on ebay if you search family sticker. Theres a Zombie family, the previously mentioned "I dont give a F*** about your sticker family" and my favourites the bogan family, complete with pregnant teen and beer belly dad etc - lol

Baby on board signs inform ambulance workers that there was a child in your car so your car will be checked first...

So, your're saying, if there was a 4 car pile up, the ambulance officers would search the rear windows of all cars first, just in case there was a sticker there, and if there was, take time searching for a baby that MIGHT be there, BEFORE turning their attention to badly injured/dying people they can actually see? This does not happen.


This would NOT change someone's bad driving habits. The number of times I see a big 4WD, with a baby on board sticker, driving so fast and erratically is crazy. Maybe the sticker is meant to mean, 'I'm a distracted mum, shouting at my kid in the back, rushing them to an important soccer game, so you better not get too close as I may hit you'.????


Baby on board signs inform ambulance workers that there was a child in your car so your car will be checked first...

So if there's more than one baby, how would they know? Do you put more than one sign up?

What if one baby went flying out the window, but because there's still a baby in the car, they wouldnt go looking for it.
I think the My Family stickers are cute, not that I'd get one or have any stickers on our car.

lol those stickers make me irrationally mad, ALMOST as mad as baby on board signs..

I saw one that said who cares who's on board!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I used to think that the My Family stickers were lame and that I wouldn't ever have them on my car ... but guess what DD got me for Christmas? So my family of two is now proudly installed on my rear window.
My little family went home to my parents for Christmas and Mum knows how much DP hates my family stickers and baby on board signs so she and Dad got busy on the back window of our car and when DP went to reverse out he saw his new car decor and went silent. We were all scared until my family stickers ended up being left ont the back of Mums car upside down like hanging bats hahaha.
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