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Teacher rejected my son's christmas gift Rss

My 2 sons both love their karate teacher! He is awesome and great with the kids. So this year they asked if they could give him a gift. No probs. I suggested we also give a gift to his assistant as they both are the teachers. We went to coles and bought two boxes of chocolates.

My sons were super excited and ran up to the teachers at the start of the class to say Merry Christmas and thank you for this year. Their main teacher said "Awesome, thanks so much" and high fived both boys. My 4 year old was in charge of giving the assistant his box. He said "No, thank you". Ok. My son brought it back and I said maybe its because its the start of the lesson. At the end of the lesson before I could stop him my son ran, grabbed the box and tried again. This time, the assistant (rudely) said " I said no at the start of the lesson, I dont want them. My son burst into tears. The actual teacher looked really shocked and embarrassed and comforted him. I bought my sons an icecream and got out of there quickly.

I'm a bit annoyed actually. I thought, maybe, there might be a reason for him rejecting it, but I cant honestly think of one. It isnt against the company's policy to accept gifts. It wasn't a big elaborate gift or alcohol( that could be tricky for some people to accept). Even if you dont like chocs, wouldnt you just take it from a four year old and maybe give it to a friend???? Vent over.
your poor son sad hope he is feeling better about what happened now, and i just have to say, skip you always make me laugh haha
I know it isn't an excuse for his behaviour and your poor little 4 year old sad but is there a chance that the teacher doesn't recognise Christmas? However even in saying that the gift was as much a Thank you as a Chrissy Pressie.

The only other thing I though of being Karate is he may be a man whos living life with a buddhist mentality therefore not accepting material gifts?

He at least could have been polite and given your son a kind explanation as to why he would not accept the gift - even if he is just a health freak!
he may have been from one of the religions that don't celebrate Christmas. Some of those people can be very rude when they are offered gifts as they think you are insulting their religion. but if that was the case he should have let people know at the start of December.
Thanks guys.

I agree skip, now that i'm no longer embarrased and angry I want to kick his butt too. I did think of the cultural thing too - having said that our karate classes are actually held at a gym and the instructors are more gym instructors than traditional karate teachers (does that make sense). The trained karate teachers teach the adults and older kids not the ages 3-5. The assistant is actually quite buff and solid so I thought maybe it was a case more of being a gym junkie/dieting rather than cultural thing. I could be wrong though and I shouldn't just assume peoples' cultural views on their appearance.

I am more angry with his attitude than the gift rejection. I should have given them to the office girls and told them that the assistant rejected them so please have them, but i just wanted to get out of there. He didnt even comfort my son when he cried. He left that to the main teacher/me. My only thought/hope is that the main teacher now speaks to him about it. They hold karate lessons each morning and I think that another child this week might attempt to give a gift - so hopefully the main teacher will sort this out before tomorrows class. He looked shocked and embarrassed.

My son has had his icecream and I have said we can share the chocolates after lunch - so he is happy. I hope we dont have that assistant next year!!!!!
Was it a wrapped present? Or did it look like it was a box of chocolates that perhaps the teacher thought he was being offered one from the box, not a whole box as a gift??
Did you ask the teachers first if it was ok to give gifts?
Truthfully I didnt think to ask if it was ok to give gifts. I have seen other teachers receive prezzies though when we were early and another class was finishing, so I just presumed it was ok. The main teacher accepted the gift, but he might have a different perpective to the assistant.

It was just a box of cadbury favourites with a gift tag/bow attached. It looked like a gift and the teacher took the whole box as a gift. I'm ok with the fact he didnt want the gift, just more the attitude I guess. But I guess my son should have taken the first no as his answer - but he is four and was proud of the gift.

Next year I wont make the same mistake! The assistant isnt very friendly with the kids anyway. They all ADORE the teacher as he is fun but the assistant gives the impression he is "too cool" to be there and when its time to move to music he puts on hip hop music and acts all "cool" like he is in a club or something. Although the teacher and assistant are both the same age (prob about 22), the teacher seems to know how to connect with the kids, the assistant seems like he is there just to be paid.
You shouldn't have to ask to give a gift!! It's a friggin gift! You give it freely to show your appreciation for something....

This guy sounds like an absolute tosser.. I'd be avoiding him myself - I don't have time for people whose heads are so far up their arses that they have no idea of common curtesy, particularly with kids, as this guy's obviously is.

what an arsehole, maybe he was a JW or something even then he should have said thankyou, however, they should accept a gift of thanks
What a meanie! Even if you dont like chocolate or cant eat it - he could have accepted them and passed them onto someone else.

I feel so sorry for your son! Poor baby sad
How rude!!! I'm thinking along the lines of pp maybe a religious thing? But still no excuse to make a child cry! He should've accepted the gift even if he came to you quietly and said i'm sorry but I dont believe in christmas ect... Or he could've just accepted the gift and shared to choccies out at the end of the class. There are so many tactful ways he could've delt with the situation! Maybe have a chat with the actual teacher when classes start again to let him know you were offended and your sons feelings hurt cause thats just not on! He needs to be put in his place about how he handled things!

Good luck smile

Oh your poor son!
That assistant teacher didn't deserve a gift at all! I agree with the others, he could have just taken them and given them to someone else if he wasn't going to eat them. Some people are so rude!

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