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Big W Online Lay-bys Lock Rss

Wow I heard about that! Unreal sad
Bet next year people will think twice about buying online with them gasp

It has put me off.

Then the other week went to pay & pick up my kmart layby and the lady said she couldn't find one but found one with my last name. Turns out she gave my mil to me & gave her one of mine.

Said to the girl didn't you check the numbers & she said i thought i did.

But wonder how many people have being given someone elses layby.

I had to do the laybys this year since i was having a baby & then i couldn't drive due to c-section & hubby didn't want to mess up what i wanted.

Next year i'm going to save up then buy what i want instore.

Hasn't affected me directly but has affected quite a few friends. Very disappointing, frustrating and sad really! Big W have had months to get it together. I just hope everyone gets refunds in time to buy things out right!

Just saw a news report on the fact that Big W wont be able to fill the lay bys that were ordered in the mid year toy sale online, many of which were for Christmas presents.

Is anyone on here being affected by this? They said there were approximately 700 lay bys that would not be available before christmas. I know I remember a heap of people were talking about making lay bys online.

How disappointing. Imagine all those poor parents having to either fork out double right before Christmas or have their kids go without. Even if they eventually get their money back I know how tight money gets for some at this time of the year.

Christmas can already be stressful without this added to it sad

Hi, I didn't do an on-line layby but I did do a layby in store and had no trouble what so ever and I also did a Target layby and didn't have no trouble either and I also ordered a cubby house online only in the last 3 weeks approx. and it was tried to be delivered today and I wasn't home darn it and that was delivered through tnt. So have organised to have it redelivered,
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