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DD got her ears pierced today :) Rss

Since the recent haircut makes her look, I dunno, a little bit tomboyish, I said jokingly to her today, "do you want to get your ears pierced today?"

I've been asking her this over the past couple of months (secretly I just want her to want them laugh )and she's always said no.
Today she said yes grin

So we got home, put some numbing cream on, went back to the shops (we had to change over some clothes anyhoo) and then got pierced.. paid a bit extra to have two doing it at the same time...

She was great! Barely wriggled when the guns went off..
Now she's very impressed with her sparkly earrings smile

Always said I'd want her to wait til she was at least 6 - coz that's when I got mine done - and she's always said no to it (scared) but today she wanted them and she did great smile

I'm glad she wasn't wriggly for you and she likes them smile
Hi I also got my dd ears pierced when she was 3months old.
They did them both togeather.

I would love to get my DS one but I don't think he would sit there.

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