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Next year I'm going to.... Lock Rss

Not really a new years resolution more of something to cross off my bucket list.

Next year I turn.... 30 ( sad ) and something I've always wanted to do is read Jane Austen's books and some other classics, so next year I'm going to do it!

I'm so excited I've started early - I'm reading Jane Eyre. I'm going to end with Pride and Prejudice as I've read that and watched the series.

Bring on 2012!
I want to read all the books i brought before i get pregnant again. 6 books to read by august next year i hope i can keep my eyes open.

I want to get out the house more. Do fun things with DS! Probably feeling a little guilty as I've been lacking in the 'fun mum' department these past 2 weeks sad
I want to start taking more photo's of things OTHER than my children.

I also want to get back into writing novels.

And towards the end of the year I WILL be enrolling myself into study to eventually become a neonatal nurse grin
-cook double batches of stuff and freeze it so I dont have to bloody cook every nite
-relax more about the housework
-also read more books
-be more organised with xmas stuff
-have a more positive outlook on things
-spend a little bit of time and $ on myself.
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