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I'm due today!! No sign of baby coming though... Lock Rss

Can't believe I made it to my due date & probably will be waiting longer! This is bub 3, the first two came at 41 & 39 I figured this one would've been earlier!!! Anyway, I'm off to try some natural methods haha smile

Nothing worse than those days after your due date, people keep asking if you've had the baby too! I only went 4 days over with DS, really hope I don't go further than that this time. Hopefully your methods work and you have your beautiful new bub in the next few days, good luck smile

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

I hated people hassling me when I went over with DD! The amount of texts and phone calls asking "have you had the baby yet?" drove me insane!!

I'll be adding 2 weeks to this one's due date when I tell people so noone will be hassling me!

Hope you go soon!! good luck with the birth smile
Frig....I'm still here & my boxing day due date has come & gone!!! Seriously am over this, I wouldn't be so *** if it wasn't for this pregnancy being so terribly painful as I have kidney stone too sad I want him out so then I can have surgery!! I'm trying all methods but nothing is working...I had a show this morn but that's it. Hopefully tonight fingers xxxx!

You poor thing, I really do hope bub comes soon for you. Kidney stones sound absolutely awful! I'll send you some 'un-sticking' baby dust laugh

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

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