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Centrelink / Government Payments Q's?? Lock Rss

Are you entilted to any payments whilst being pregnant & not working?

Don't think so, but you may be entitled to some money after the baby is born. There's some info here

Are you currently seeking employment? If so, maybe you can apply for the dole.
if this is a Q for yourself....i noticed you already have a you maybe entitled to family tax A & B depending on your families yearly income. the fact that your child is under 6 you are not required to look for work but your also not enitled to newstart because of this.

once your bub is born others have meantioned you would be entitled to the baby bonus and a higher level of family Tax A & B

There was a Parenting payment, I guess it's still around. Was both a single parent and a partnered one though it is means tested, worth looking into. Best thing to do is call Centrelink and go over your circumstances and they will tell you or you can access their website and there is info on the payments available and eligibility criteria.

Hi hoola-hoop, I'm Marian, I work at the Department of Human Services in a team that responds to enquiries about Centrelink on social media sites like this one.

There are a few factors effecting a person's eligibility for a Centrelink payment when expecting a baby. If a person leaves their job to have a baby they may be able to claim the Newstart payment until the baby is born. There might be a waiting period, depending on how the employment ceases (i.e. if they leave voluntarily or if a contract is ended).

Newstart is a jobseeker payment and has 'activity' requirements. Expectant mothers can obtain an exemption from these requirements from six weeks prior to the expected date of confinement until six weeks after the birth of the child. If there are health problems outside of this period, an exemption may be granted under 'incapacity' (with a valid medical certificate).

There's more info about Newstart on the Human Services website here: The families page on the website has a lot of information about other payments and services such as Family Tax Benefit, Parenting Payment, Paid Parental Leave and the Baby Bonus. Check it out here:

Finally, another handy page is the online estimator here; You can enter information about your circumstances and it will give you an idea of your entitlements.

Hope that helps.
I am currennlty getting FTB A&B, maybe like $100 a fortnight. I am currently unemployed & will most likely not return to work for a couple of years. I might just give them a call & see what happens.

Thanks girls! smile

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