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Good morning ladies,

How is the weather at your place today? It's just a bit wet here... This is a photo of my driveway! And it's still raining!

Oh wow, it is pretty wet where u are!!!

It's overcast and dull here... and I hear rain is imminent! sad As long as its gone by Australia Day coz we're going camping for 2 nights!!
I just looked out my windows and i have a moat round my house and the driveway is the drawbridge and the poor dog looks miserable, the kitty has gone nuts from being inside for the second day and this weather is making me feel more tired!
thats doesn't look to go its the oppisite here its hot and sunny its only 27degress but that IMO is hot lol
I went to do some gardening today but my spade can't get into the hard, dry soil.... so can I have some of your water laugh laugh
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It's bloody hot here. We are expecting high 30's low 40's all week.
Very, very wet!

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

Wow! That's a heap of water.

Its disgustingly hot here.

I want to take DS to the pool but he has a cough and I don't want to aggravate it so we are at home in the aircon!
Wow! It sure does look wet where you are!

It's beautiful sunshine here today, and what have I been doing? Sitting in a conference the whole day sad

you back at work? It sucks how yuck it was over xmas then when eveyone goes back to work/school it starts to get nice.

Yep sad It's been a nice long holiday, but I've been on leave for such a long time that I don't actually know if I am going to be able to handle working anymore! "Sorry boss, I'm just too tired!" Hmmm

37 or there abouts... blah!!!

Hate hot weather with a small baby, am stuck inside.
Well I have no idea how to use multiquote so a general reply is easier than replying to everyone smile

For anyone who wants some water, you are more than welcome to it! It is pouring rain AGAIN! We have a creek which runs right near the house but luckily we have a 'wall' up to redirect water otherwise we would be swimming in the house by now!

To you poor ladies who are dying in the heat... that was me a few weeks back so I feel your pain and hope it cools down soon.

As for Thea... 27 degrees is not HOT! Lol. A couple of degrees cooler and everyone here is looking for jumpers!!

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