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Utterly riduclous things people say Rss

Was just thinking back today to when Dd was just a few weeks old and I was struggling to breastfeed. My aunty called in to visit and was watching me trying to get her to latch on and said "well it certainly looks like you've got enough milk"

Um, whatever... I know I have huge boobs BUT...

Need I say she doesn't have children of her own roll eyes

What are the most stupid things people have said to you.
I get 'did you eat too much?' Nearly every day. And each person that says it thinks they've made up the funniest joke.....

i get both of those!!! with 14dd breasts and a belly that has landed me 12kgs of weight it seems to be either of those that are the big jokes...

its not funny LOL

or the other one is... OMG are you pregnant?!?! my response is usually no i have a balloon up my top just to fool you...
lol.... I got "are you going to birth a hampster" with my first, because i was tiny full, I get alot of.... "wow! thoses two are close!" I say, "yeah, 13 minutes close"...they're twins.

some people are idiots too though.
Mine would be after I had the twins I'm pushing them in the pram and I get "oh are they twins??"
No there not twins I had sex and fell pregnant and gave birth within 2 minutes after the firsts ones birth laugh
My step-mother-in-law asked me how I felt about the fact that my baby was overweight!! She was 6 months old at the time... I told her that there is no such thing as an overweight baby and then she started on about my 3 year old! Personally I don't think either are overweight - stupid woman!!
Well an utterly stupid breastfeeding comment I saw today when some friends were discussing a 10lb baby that was born (in same room as one friend at hospital) and was really wakfeul and BF all the time (as they do) "I would be on formula now cause there is no way she could sustain that!" roll eyes

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

When I had my first baby, a friend came to visit when my little girl was about 3 days old. She stares at my stomach then says "oh you've got a perfect little chair to sit the baby on!"

The same friend warned me later that day that I should be careful when I was walking around with the baby as I might unintentionally hit her head into the doorframe.
when announcing to mil we were pregnant this time round she replied with "oh god, how do you guys feel about it?"

i was really upset and angry with her response. with ds1 we copped that from everyone cos we were young and he was a suprise pregnancy but with this one we had been together for over 5 years, living together and we were just married aswell so thought we wouldnt get those kind of comments this time round and were just hoping for congrats all round from everyone.

also i get bad hyperemesis that lasts from 5weeks till 1 week post birth, each pregnancy i have had multiple hospital admissions and im on meds everyday to stop it, i had a winge one day and this woman said to me "welcome to pregnancy". ummmmm i dont think that my complaint was ur run of the mill im tired and a little swollen from being pregnant.
Please see my picture below.
How many people seem not to understand its a human being, that i am having!!
When we announced we were preg the 2nd time, MIL said "Oh no! I'm too late! FIL and I want to go around Australia this year so I was going to tell you and SIL (her daughter) not to get pregnant until we get back so we don't miss out!!!" Uhhhhhhhh, as if I'd plan my family around when you are going on holidays! As it turned out we lost that bubba (and they did not ever end up going on their alleged holiday - methinks it was attention seeking).

Then we got preg again. We decided not to tell anyone, just in case and sadly we lost that one too. The mc dragged on a bit, starting unfortunately on Christmas Day. My belly was sore (funnily enough) and I must have rubbed it at one some point though I don't remember doing so, because MIL cornered DH and said "sooooooo, do you two have news for everyone??? I saw amm touching her belly!" Poor DH, who was upset enough about it just said shortly "no good news, no" and walked off. He ended up telling his dad what was going on and FIL told MIL to pull her head in. Seriously, if we had something to tell - we'd bloody well tell!

Then DH's cousin and his wife got pregnant for the 3rd time. They already have two little boys and a scan showed the 3rd was a little boy too. MIL was saying "oh no, how sad! Another little boy" and other similar things. Unfortunately they lost that bub, and I can bloody well bet that DH's cousin and his wife would have been happy with another healthy boy rather than a 16 week mc!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! You've got me going now! Lol!

Oh and an aunty whom I don't particularly like saw me the other night and said "Hi fatty". OMG, at least I have a reason for my big belly, unlike her! Sheesh!
When I told my brother that I was pregnant again, he asked if it was planned... (He is 19)
And then he tried arguing with me that DD wasn't planned... (Um, like you would know!!)

Apparently he was disgusted and pi$$ed at me for getting pregnant out of wedlock with DD, it is really none of his business!!

ME - 23
DH - 25

Miss Willow

Keeping fit and healthy in pregnancy!!

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