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How did/are you telling DH/DP/DF that your pregnant?? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies!!

I am jumping the bullet a little bit here but I am trying to stay positive. DH and I have only been officially TTC for 2 months now and I know it might take a while to conceive but I am trying to stay positive because if I stress about it it will only take longer! So I was wondering how I would tell DH that I am pregnant when I do finally get that BFP! I would love to hear everyone's stories or ideas!
Nothing exciting here, rang him up and said "WE'RE HAVING A BABY"
(in a very loud and excited tone) We'd been trying for 18 months so was absolutely over the moon.
With my first pregnacy DH was there with me. It was such an exciting time that it would of felt wrong without him there. The second time round he was there for some BFN and then when we did get a positive he wasn't there so I called him. He was a little dissapointed that I didn't wait for him to get home from work.

Hubby actually knew before me. He kept saying your pregnant and i text him saying should i do a test and he said yeah, so i did and i had to get mil (when we did get along) and she said there was 2 lines. Rang hubby and said hello daddy and he said i knew it and my boys can swim.

Last pregnancy he said your pregnant again, so i took a test and he was standing right there when it came back positive and he turns to little master saying your're going to be a big brother.

We had been TTC for three months, first month didn't think it would happen cause I was very sick when I o'd. 2nd month AF was a day early so there was no need to test. 3rd month AF due on Christmas day, so we both woke up early & he stayed in bed (timing) while I did the test in the en suite, before I had come out I said "Do you think we have to wait for the control line?" He knew straight away. When then celebrated & opened up presents from it each other. Every present that day was over shadowed by our awesome news. We also told both sets of parents on Xmas day too, because it will be the first Grandchild for all of them.

I could not imagine doing the test without, to me it feels like it is news you should get together, rather than news you would tell him. But that's my opinion.
We were having lunch, and something came up about cars, and i was like 'oh does your car have a babycar seat clip thing?'
hes like 'um i dunno i'd have to have a look' im just like 'yeah maybe you should get one if it doesnt'..

then like 2 hours later i get a text message, 'are we having a baby?'
DD was not a planned baby and I found out when I was at a drs app when i got home my DF was sleeping (just finished a night shift) so I waited till he woke up all the while i was getting really exicited and when i walked out of the bedroom i just kind of yelled it at him, was a bit of a shock!

Next time i have been thinking of the ways i would like to tell him so hes not shocked half to death

A friend of mine when TTC her second baby got her DD a little T that said big sister in training and when she got her BFP she put it on her DD and asked her DH to put her in her PJS
i wrapped up a pair of booties and the tiniest little baby suit i could find with a book called 'so your going to be a dad' and gave it to him. he went through the package and even read the title of the book out loud then sat there with a dumb confused look on his face..the BAM it hit him only bee dating for 4 months and werent TTC so it was a shock lol. he laughs now saying he was confused because id been telling him i have a presnent for you for weeks (he was away and i wanted to tell him to his face) and when he opened it he was wondering where the remote control car was lol

We were having lunch, and something came up about cars, and i was like 'oh does your car have a babycar seat clip thing?'
hes like 'um i dunno i'd have to have a look' im just like 'yeah maybe you should get one if it doesnt'..

then like 2 hours later i get a text message, 'are we having a baby?'

That is so halarious - there would've been this thought niggling in the back of his mind.... a baby carseat clip...? now I wonder why she would ask me that...a baby carseat? Oh a baby carseat clip? a Baby???
The first time dh was in the shower, I had been sitting on the toilet in shock for about 15 minutes and hadn't told him I was going to test - we were ttc but didn't expect it to happen on the first month. So that time I kind of walked into the bathroom in a daze and said "I'm pregnant!". He couldn't hear because of the shower and I had to repeat it 3 times, then was met with about a minutes silence, then....."Whaaaaaaat? No way!!!!" lol We watched a movie that night and just kept looking at each other with stupid grins on our faces.

Second time I tested while dh was at work, I wasn't expecting a bfp because we'd had a few months of bfn and I had no symptoms once again.
I wrapped the test up in a little box with a bow tied around it and handed it to him when he got home - he was looking at the test grinning but wasn't quite sure about it because he didn't know how to read it. lol

I rang df up while he was at work and told him that I was pregnant..he was in shock as we weren't ttc. Hopefully next time it will be a happy moment!! wink
With DD1 I got up early and tested. Then I called DH into the bathroom and showed him the test. He didn't want to get too excited and made me test 2 days later. Obviously it was a BFP but he still waited till my GP confirmed it before he got excited.
With DD2 as she was conceived through IVF he found out after I got the BT result. We were very cautious though because I had a missed M/C 2 months earlier after my 1st ivf attempt.
We were so relieved when she was born crying.

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