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Why Me??????? Rss

OMG that totally sucks. Would be the worst feeling ever.

Can you talk to the bank? If there are cameras at the ATM they should be able to see it wasnt you withdrawing the money. Maybe there is some kind of insurance cover the bank has that would allow you to at least be reimbursed what was in your bank account???

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Oh my gosh.what the f##k hell this world coming to .

Who thinks they have right to take something that's not theirs .

Makes me so mad .

Have you got some ones to help you . Thru this time??

Have you thought about goimg to vinnies or salvation army for emergency assitance
For grocerys rent etc

I'm so sorry this has happen to you .
OMG some people are scum. Complete and utter scum.

If I can I'll PM you, otherwise check your email.

This drives me insane, how can people do this sort of thing to another human being?

Massive hugs Chloe
Yes some people are scum. Something is not right. i dont get it. i have a bad feeling its a certain scum bag. i am completely stuffed now. sorry for whinging i am just so over this.
That does'nt make sense, you cant take out money without a pin either it was someone you knew who knows your pin who took it or you had your pin written on something that was in your wallet? Or someone somehow knows all your details and changed your pin.Call up the bank and see what they can do , they may look at security cameras of atms around the area it was taken from.
If you've got no money, do you keep a change jar? take it into the bank to get notes.I do this if we need to pay a big bill that we didnt expect, we allways put our coins in a jar i hate using coins most of the time trying to count it out.Also maybe ask family for a loan? or sell some things around your home on gumtree like old things that would get $50 for each, your money will soon add up ...if you have these things lyiing around.Also if you know for sure it was someone you know id go steal there money/ things from there house , i dont feel its wrong if they have stolen it from you , you are just getting whats yours back.Or make them feel really guilty
I have been to building society. they are checking and ringing me back.
Check you email, I couldn't PM you.
Chloe I honestly hope everything works out when you said some one drained your acc I thought wouldn't they need your pin and thought maybe they might have some ties you specially after you said a certain scum bag.
Man my heart sunk for you I wish I could give you money sad

No. I am up *** creek!!!

deleted comment...
Go to centrelink - they should be able to give u a food voucher at least, or you might be able to get an advanced payment to help you through...

that would suck big time!
Go to the Salvos and see if they can help with food etc. Also ring up your electricity/gas company etc and explain the situation - you can fax them the police report as well.
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