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Why Me??????? Rss


I could lend you money? Will delete this in an hour so I don't have fake people trying to get money off me in future.

I once had all my rent money for the month stolen. Someone followed me home after I withdrew the cash ( I assume) as my house was broken into that night sad

U are so nice. thanks for the offer.

thanks for the offer.

deleted comment...
Chloe, I am so sorry this has happened to you sad I can't believe all the sh!t thats happened to you lately.

I have no suggestions except to offer my support and hope that you can somehow work something out.

Hey Chloe, talk to your bank. Something similar happened to a friend of mine with her debit plus visa when you could still sign for them and the bank actually reimbursed her. It was over $1000. They have insurance for that type of thing. It did take a few weeks to get the money back though.

So weird that they were able to get money out without the pin?!!! Maybe they saw you use a machine or something before they stole the walet.

Do you have family or friends who can help you out until you get this sorted?
I still can't believe how people can do such a low act.

Wish i could give you a hug.

Im so sorry that blows big time! some people are dicks!

The only way you can get money from an ATM or Shop with a purchase is to use a pin. Maybe they saw you enter it? or if its the person you think it is did they know it?

I dont want to be a bitch or anyting but if you have told someone your pin or had it in your purse anything like that the bank wont reimburse (jack asses) I really hope you get it sorted

Good luck

1st baby due start of sep

How they get cash from your account

Or wA all your cash in wallet ??
Oh my gosh Chole!
I am so sorry this happened to you!
What a low life creep! I hope karma gets them back big time!

I really hope you get this sorted x

What a horrible thing to have happen to you! I am so sorry to hear this Chloe

I hope karma bites this a'hole on the bum and they get caught & punished severely! And like pp, the bank should reimburse you after checking out ATM camera and see that it was not you using the ATM. I always thought it was part of banks policy to reimburse you once everything is checked out?

I hope it all gets sorted out, Big hugs to you smile

GBH's to you! Make sure you have a copy of the police report and you should be able to use this to defer payment on bills. And like a pp said go to sallies or foodbank - that is what it is there for!

I hope things start to look up for you!

What the hell!!!!! Talk about life throwing you major ups and downs chloe!!!!

Is it possible that you might have been targeted by a clever thief? Did you withdraw money shortly before this happened? There were those people attaching card scanners to atms - and I believe there was also some scheme where they video you typing in your pin.

I hope the atm survelance can help you out... although that doesn't help the immediate lack of money situation for you.

oh this kind of thing makes my blood boil, it's not fair that scumbags benefit from people that try so hard to make life work for them. angry angry angry

Thanks everyone. I have since worked out who it was. MY ex has a new girlfriend and he sent her into the toilet to get my wallet. I am the dumb ass who forgot to chandge my pin. He new it of course. Anyway the police are dealing with it. No sign of the money from him yet.

Onewinged Angel... xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wink
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