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Why Me??????? Rss

What a douchebag he is, and the new girlfriend to go along with it...

At elast you know what happenened, and hopefully the police can get it sorted for you.

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Glad its being looked into Chloe.
Hopefully it is sorted out very quick.
That guy seriously needs a stint in jail and REALLLY needs to drop the soap.

laugh laugh laugh I couldn't have said it any better Skip!

And big hugs to you Chloe smile
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What an * of a male! I cant believe he would do such a thing considering YOU need that $$ for your kids etc! (why would he even do that to his own kids!!)
What an immature lowlife dropkick of a tool, he needs to hammer himself right into the ground..hope he gets what he deserves angry
Glad you found out who it was and really do hope you get your money back hun! Xo
That really sucks Chloe. So how did she come to have your wallet though? They must have had it pretty well planned and timed to know when you wouldn't be watching your wallet and get it without you noticing? Did you see them hanging around??
I cannot believe that piece of crap would stoop so low as to do something like that......that's beyond pathetic.

I hope he gets everything he deserves, and then some!! And his GF is just as bad, if not worse - I would never, ever lower myself to be with such a douche that would actively look for an opportunity to make life hell for his children.

And you're welcome smile I hope it makes it a bit easier for you until this blows over - what a pity these people are still allowed to breathe.
What a low act. And how dumb is his new girlfriend.

Sending you hugs and hope things get better for you.

What a festering, pus-filled wart on the @rse of mother nature. Some men are just absolute pondscum. I wonder if he felt like a big man stealing money from the mother of his kids? (Which is essentially stealing from his own children.) I hope the police come down on him full force. What a *.

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OMG Chloe - What a douche he is!!! Thats just bloody wrong!!!
A bloody left hook to his face sounds awfully good right now and a right hook to his *!!!!
What a wanker stealing money from your own children man his gotta be a spiteful piece of work to think some stupid scheme like that to hurt you.
Just wanna kick him in the balls right now or put them in a vice clamp!!!
sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad

sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad

Hun are you ok have you heard back from the police you poor thing sad

Hun are you ok have you heard back from the police you poor thing sad

Yes i have heard back.
They charged him and her last night. They go to court in 6 weeks.
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