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Why Me??????? Rss

what a slimey scumbag. i'm so sorry this happened to you Chloe (hugs)
oh my gosh!!
What a *..
This post has made me so angry!!

I am speachless for you Chloe, can't believe that he "spent" it.. How unfair is that.

ME - 23
DH - 25

Miss Willow

Keeping fit and healthy in pregnancy!!

Oh my gosh!
What a total low-life jerk! (I have a lot of other words in my mind that I would like to call him right now, but the forum rules don't allow swearing... use your imagination!!!)
I am glad they've charged him, and I hope they get your money back when he goes to court. That man belongs in JAIL!!!! And I hope like hell that's where he gets sent!

Hugs Chloe! You totally didn't deserve this.

wow! what an idiot, and what a ***** of a girl to go along with it aswell.Id maybe get a restraining order aswell , for stalking you! Take your wallet with you everywhere next time smile goodluck
Only just saw this thread today, I'm so sorry you had to go through this!

Just wanted to let you know that things will pick up, just look after yourself and in a year or so you won't recognise the shell of a personn who survived all this sh**. I have been in a very similar situation (targeted by spiteful ex and new gf, in my case we had money in a joint account so it wasn't technically "stolen" but yes... no $ for that f/n) ... it really sucks, but there are things you can do.

Feel free to PM me if you need to vent to someone who's "been there", often it's not just the practicality, but the ongoing hurt and their emotional abuse and attempts at manipulation during a time when you're supposed to be healing and moving on. If it helps, a councellor at the time told me it was actually (believe it or not) a good thing, because increasing attemps to control and manipulate are a sign they know you're moving on. It's something you (unfortunately) have to wait out. Trust me, it gets better.

As others have said, the most important thing is to look after yourself and make sure you and the kids are fed. Salvos are great, I have used them twice... once when the ex cleaned me out and once when the kids turned the fridge off on me the day after a big shop, at a time when I was at my financial worst (lost everything in the fridge/freezer and no money to replace any of it). They will make sure you have some mince, frozen veggies, bread, tins of soup etc. etc. etc. doesn't sound like much but it makes the world of difference when you're in a rotten situation.

Bills can wait... as a PP said, as long as you let them know what has happened and have a copy of the police report for back up, most are pretty understanding.

sending you soooper dooper squishy hugs, hope things pick up for you soon x

Scum .

What sort of person does that to kids.

Not a loving parent that's for sure .

As for new girlfriend has she got no morals taken from an mother & her kids .

Clearly has no mind of her own.

Seriously I hope charges are laid on both of them .

These two people have issues

Sorry Chloe how are you coping now with finances now ???
How did she get the wallet? Just seems like something you would notice someone doing.
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