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Maternity wear for summer Lock Rss


I'm 13 weeks today and am fast running out of clothes to wear in hot weather. I was pegnant last year and had a late mc in august so this time around my tummy just grew quite fast. My shorts etc don't fit me at all as I hadn't gone back to pre pregamacy waist size from my first pregnancy.

Making my problem more frustrating is the fact that we are trying to hold off making my pregnancy public for another 5 or 6 weeks.. Does anyone have any summer maternity wear suggestions that will help hide mum baby bump?

I am maxi dressed out, and some don't actually hide the bump anymore
I was in a similar situation where I started showing well before I wanted to share. My fave outfit was yoga pants with the top rolled up (so they didn't squishy my bump smile ) and a long black singlet top that I could pull up a bit so it "wrinkled" around my belly iykwim? that way anything underneath could easily be bumps in the fabric wink

I also threw on a floaty sort of short sleave jacket thingy which hides the bump a bit.

Another option is to bring the focus away from your belly with patterns or bright colours in top / at the bottom and black or dark neutral colours in the middle smile


how about tunics and 3/4 length leggings? I found them great when I was still wanting to keep my pregnancy on the down low as I started showing quite early as well. Wasn't summer but my work place was quite hot and they were good.
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