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Barricade ideas Lock Rss

ok, so a baby gate won't work for my kitchen. the gap i need to barricade is about 160cm and slightly diagonal. coz the partial wall bit beside the frisge is directly accross from a kitchen cupboard making my life very dificult.. any ideas how i can block this off from bubba? thanx in advance ladies... and guys.
My fil made a baby fence for our kitchen. Our garage opens into the kitchen and the wall next to the fridge lines up with about 1/2 way on the doorway into the garage so there was no way to put a standard fence up - one side of the door lines up with cupboards in the kitchen and the other side has no wall directly opposite it. We were trying to work out how to baby proof the kitchen and my fil suggested we make an L shaped fence. Essentially it comes off from the wall next to the door into the garage until it is in line with the wall next to the fridge then it turns and attaches to the wall on the opposite side to where the fridge is. We just put some brackets on it and it is screwed into the wall top and bottom at each end.

To make it my fil bought heaps of circular dowel and some wood to make the top and bottom rails. He used a 45 degree cut on the wood at the corner and reinforced the join between each side of the L with brackets. For the dowel he drilled holes at certain distances into the top and bottom plates then glued the dowel pieces into them (just be careful at the corner, you don't want to leave too much of a gap but don't want to be drilling holes too close to the 45 degree cut). Once everything was dry he painted it and we had our fence. Since it was essentially custom made he also made it the height I needed to be able to safely get over it myself (about my knee height so all I have to do is bend my leg at the knee and I can get over it without any problems which is very handy when carrying things in and out of the kitchen).

The fence actually worked so well the we got my fil to make another one to fence off the alcove in our loungeroom where we kept the tv cabinet and a really long straight fence to block of our open plan dining room since that is where we have our computers and we wanted to keep the kids away from all the cables. It may not be something that everyone wants to do but it worked for us.

Since my explanation may not have made that much sense, here's a few pictures of what our fence looks like (please excuse all the wear and tear and marks on it lol)

A longish view of the fence (sorry, can't work out how to turn the picture)

A close up of the corner (top rail)

A close up of the corner (bottom rail)

Both Baby Dan and Lindam make a six sided playpen that opens up and apparently you can lock each pannel in on differeny angles to make them fit odd shapes.

Have not tried them personally but have been told they are good!

i cant screw anything into the wall as i rent but it looks like an awesome idea otherwise smile. i have thought about the playpen idea, it's just a matter of finding one that isnt like $100+. it's insane at the cost of baby stuff. thanx for the ideas ladies smile
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