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About 6mths to be exact laugh

Just thought I'd pop past and say hello... although I don't recognize a lot of usernames now wink. Life is busy, I'm coming into my 3rd and final year of my RN degree and am hoping to get a GNP position but if not I'm going to go straight in and get my Bachelor of Midwifery - my dream job for as long as I can remember. Master 5 1/2 started school middle of last year and is thriving and loving it while Master 4 just started Kindy this week!!

2012 is our year - so many positive things happening for us, can't wait to see what else the universe has in store.

His Izaak*and*Kyans*Mum! I was reading through an older thread earlier today and saw a few names that got me wondering how those people were, and you were one of them! You must've felt huggies calling lol

That is so exciting about your sons both going off to school, hope master 4 settles in alright.

Good on you for getting into your final year of your degree, it must feel good to have the end in sight. And good luck with getting a GNP position but sounds like you've got it covered if that doesn't happen!

Love your positivity! I hope 2012 is a wonderful year for your family smile
Hehe I must have! Thanks so much, it certainly hasn't been easy juggling life, full-time uni and the two little men but we've made it this far smile

Hope all is well in your world too x

It so good to have you back.

Good to hear that you're doing so well with your degree.

We planning on having a 3rd baby in august.

Being wondering where you went too.

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