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Just wondering how different Lock Rss

Lol... what a day to ask...

Kids aren't here so I started the day with a bowl of tinned soup (campbells chunky if you must know lol) and now I'm scoffing into a crunchie.

Not a good example

Most days it would be weet bix for brekkie and last night's leftovers for lunch tongue

I would love to say I ate healthy but for lunch today I had Doritos with Salsa & Everyone else had noodles... (I have Coeliac Disease so I cant have wheat roll eyes )
I don't wanna admit to what ive eaten unsure I can be shocking whilst pregnant...

Multigrain toast with vegemite, chocolate up & go, brown rice crackers (new woolies select brand, really yum), a can of coke, countless rennies to combat heartburn, marshmellows, microwave lasagne, banana whip milky ways (currently eating) and probably something else but I can't remember. I'm huge and over it so don't care right now! I drink lots of water too to wash it down faster hahaha.

Will have a healthy dinner i'm sure, think we are having roast chicken and vegetables on the side. Might eat a raw carrot later if I get hungry (which I will) to combat the bad stuff. I have a theory if you eat raw vegetables it cancels out the bad stuff wink

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

What have YOU eaten today?
I know, what a weird question, but i am wondering what other people eat. Not for any particular reason other than plain curiosity.


Weet bixs


Leftovers d p made last night
Sweet &sour chicken with fried rice

Wanting banana but Casey sleep on my lap his sick & cuddly
So can't have banana yet sad

Not sure what's for tea yet.
Breakfast - toast for everyone
Morning tea - I had none, but DH had apple & yoghurt, and DDs had a banana each then plain corn cakes
Lunch - pita with salad for me then an apple, DD had pita with avocado & jam (her creation!), DD2 is still asleep

Tomorrow will be better, will probably involve some sort of chocolate as DH will be at work and DD is starting school ...........
I had toast and a cup of tea for brekky, 3 seaweed sakatas and I've just had left over pork and vegie stir-fry for lunch.

I'll most likely have another cuppa soon with a choc chip biscuit, then will have something for dinner - most likely pasta I think.
And there's a good possibilty I'll have a few pieces of chocolate once the kids are in bed!
Oh gosh I am not sure I should say what I have eaten after reading all yours....

At 6am I had left over chocolate self saucing pudding from last night
At 8am I had Bacon and eggs and toast
At 11 I had a bag of popcorn
At 1 I had 2 frankfurters in bread

And I only just sat down with a pack of chocolate thins.

Im sure I will eat something healthy at some point today though...

Just had peanut butter toast..that will probably do me until dinner tonight tongue yummy roast chicken!
hahahaha. Actually writing it all down is a bit of a shocker:

I had toast and coffee and two toffee pops for breakkie
Left over curry for lunch
Moro gold and some apricots for a snack
Having chicken and veges for tea
Will prob eat some more crap food before then though smile

And this is me trying to loose weight! what a joke
Toast for breakfast, 2 slices of pizza (supermarket frozen kind), about 3 cups of tea, a few raisins and a plain biscuit (ate arvo tea with DS so had similar to him).

For tea DF is cooking a BBQ! Yum!

Haha what an awesome question, I always wonder this!

Breakfast- Licks of chocolate cake batter (making a bday cake for my girlfriend, she's coming over today)

Lunch- left over Chinese food from last night

Then licks of chocolate icing after icing the cake smile

And water! A bad day to have in writing lol I'm trying to watch my weight gain as I've already put on 12kg this pregnancy gasp

Not feeling overly hungry today...

Peacherine & a maccas coffee this morning (usually porridge with strawberries & fresh figs with a green tea), a small banana, an apple and now eating lunch - toasted multigrain bread with quark (organic Swiss cottage cheese), sliced tomato, rocket and a little salt, pepper & olive oil. I'll most likely have a chocolate, zucchini & carrot muffin with some kind of herbal tea (green/peppermint/chai) in a little while too smile.

I find it really interesting what others eat, gives me ideas wink

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