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Sooo My DD will be 2 in March and we're not planning another baby for 3 years or so (when I'll be finished my degree) Im on the pill at the moment, but after the scary stories I've heard on here and not being very good at remembering it, I'm wondering about other methods of birth control. Plus I've had a significantly lower sex drive (sorry TMI) since going back on it, which is causing upset between hubby and I unsure Sooo just wanting some advice and opinions really. Thanks grin grin grin

marina - inserted up your vagina, every 5 years i think, sil has it, she says its great and cant feel a thing

implanon - in your arm, a.k.a the bar, i have it, its great except i think this time its making me hormonal, change every 3 years

depo - your leg i think... mum has it, says its good except have to remember to get another needle every 3 months

and i think thats about it, unless you want to use the withdrawal method (he doesnt finish inside you)

good luck smile

Ok thanks so much, I think the Marina sounds like the best thing there for me, I don't like injections and have heard horror stories about the bar lol. And I wouldnt want to risk the withdrawal method as DH and I seem to be very fertile laugh One little oops with the pill and theres our wee surprise girl smile Thanks again

Just to chuck another one there.

I have had and highly recommend the copper IUD. (like the mirena but not hormone based). I had it for 2.5 years and it was perfect!!!!!! No messy hormones messing with me and no issues at all.

Insertion and removal for painless and I didn't have any side affects at all.

Of course everyone is different.

Good luck!!!

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