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Who paid for your wedding? Lock Rss

Just curious - I think back to ours and I'm horrified at ourselves. blink I was only 19 and still had a lot of expectations toward my parents helping me out... and they paid for the whole thing.

Hubbys parents are older and more traditional, so they expected my parents to pay for it - they said they'd paid for their two daughters weddings already, both which failed within 2 years so they didn't want to waste more money on us!! laugh So... hubby presented them with the traditional drinks bill, which was $2000.

When I look back at that time I can't believe we brazenly expected our parents to pay for it. If it were now, we would say our vows on a beautiful beach in thailand, and we would pay for everything ourselves. I can't imagine asking them for thousands of dollars these days.

Who paid, and did you have a reason?? Ours cost my parents $8000... and although I know that's not much in terms of the costs weddings can be it's a lot of money to expect someone to come up with.... I'm embarrased about it!

We paid for our own wedding, all $40,000 of it haha

I never asked either of our parents to pay nor would I have expected it, I figure we are the ones that want to get married so we should pay ourselves grin
My mum & dad (they're divorced) split most of the cost of our wedding but we paid for what we could. My dad paid for my dress, they split the cost of the celebrant & mum paid for the reception. Our reception was at an all you can eat restaurant & was only $30 per head and we had less than 30 guests. Guests paid for their own drinks. DH's parents paid for our cake.

the inlaws paid for most ours cause MIL wanted us to have a "proper" wedding she did all the planning and paying it wasn't expensive but i figure she wanted that way that so i dont fel bad about her paying her dad chucked in some money and beer too other people may have too but i dont know

we got our clothes and shoes DS DH snd mine and chucked in some money for food

we would of paid for ourselfs if she didn't want it done that way
I never asked mine or my DH parents to pay for our wedding but they were adament they would contribute.
My parents paid for the venue, food, cars and photographer. (They won't tell me how much it cost but it would've been a lot)
DH parents paid for drinks.
We paid for the rest.
I feel guilty that my parents spent so much but it was something they really wanted to do. Our wedding would have been small if we had paid for everything ourselves (we had 120 guests).
DH paid for most of it and our parents also helped us out. Mum brought my dress wub and Dad and DH parents paid for the meals and alcohol.
Our parents went halves. We did not expect them to pay but my parents 'told' us that they would pay for it all and then DH parents offered to pay half. We paid for our cars smile
My parents never got a say in thier wedding (16 & pregnant, still happily married today) and mum always said I would have the wedding of my dreams (within reason of course) and not have to worry about the bill. We are very grateful that they did this for us smile
My Mum and Dad paid for the reception, cake and a few other bits and pieces and Hubbys parents paid for the drinks. smile

We paid for my wedding dress and hubbys suit, cars, flowers and photographer ourselves.

Bridesmaids and Groomsman paid for their own dress/suits (we offered but they were family - so wouldn't accept)...we bought them gifts as a thank you smile

We never expected them to pay for what they did, but Mum and Dad are very traditional with that kinda stuff, so always made it clear that they would...

We were building a house at the time so are sooooo thankful that they did help out, or we would be in a lot of debt now unsure

After the wedding we bought them a flash dinner set as a thank you...

Love my mum and dad sooo much wub
My parents & the inlaws paid for the reception. But we didn;t ask for anything at all & were prepared to pay for everything ourselves. Our parents approached us & said they wanted to pay for certain things. The, my dad snuck money into my house after I had spoken to mum to tell her about things I had organised. So they paid money towards the flowers, cars & the girls hair/makeup
Although, my dad being very traditional, ended up giving us $2500 as a "wedding present" i think it was his way of paying more towards the wedding...

None of our siblings are married & doesn't look like any of them ever will, so looks like our parents have gotten out of things cheaply!
I paid for our entire wedding. We had no help whatsoever and certainly didn't expect anyone to contribute.

I wouldn't even let our groomsmen or maid of honour to pay for anything. Although my MOH paid for a very beautiful hens night.
We paided for most of it but my brother wanted to pay for the food, has a wedding present to us which was so nice & kind of him.

Plus the money we got from the wishing well we used to pay for the photo's.

There's a few things i would of done differently.

I wish both of our parents could help, well pay for most of it sad But neither of our parents have money.

We have been engaged for two years and haven’t even started to save for it. We are only young and have more important things for our money to go. As much as I would love to get married I am just happy that he proposed smile
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