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What was the worst thing Lock Rss

So what was the most mischief you got up to as a hormone driven adolescent?

I lost my license for 2 and a half years when I was 17 for doing some very VERY bad things that I am not at all proud of. I don't even want to repeat what I did but it made the news and the paper. It devastated my Mum and I wish to this day I had been responsible enough to not bow down to peer pressure.

Other than that everything else was pretty mild!
LOL naughty naughty!

I lost my licence for 6 months for reckless driving and another 3 months for losing all demerit points aaaand about 3 months before I turned 18 a mate of mine botched my drivers licence so the 86 looked like and 85 so I could go clubbing but I got busted trying to get into the casino and they took my licence then I lied to my parents about it and oh my gosh I got in so much trouble laugh My dad even slapped me across the face because I made my mum look like an idiot at the cop shop when she was going nuts at them saying I never did anything wrong gasp Should have told her the truth haha
Nothing too terrible, I was a bit of a goody-two-shoes really. I mostly regret a couple of pretty dumb things I did whilst driving - looking back I was very lucky I didn't prang my car several times! I am such a careful driver now and I can't believe how silly I was. I also regret absolutely THROWING myself at a much older guy who again looking back was a real loser and only using me - thank goodness things never went too far and common sense prevailed eventually.

One other thing I did, which I regret above all else, was absolutely losing the plot one day at a woman who I thought was trying to steal my carpark space (she wasn't, there was another car leaving next to the one I was waiting for). It was so bizarre, like an out of body experience. I was swearing and carrying on, which was not (is not) like me at all. The worst thing was her little kids were in the car - I was (and still am) so ashamed of the way I behaved sad To this day I have told no one what I did I am so mortified. I honestly don't know what came over me and even my memory of it is quite dream like. I hate that I did it sad
Yea, I was a pretty bad teenager too, so I did the drinking, smoking, sneaking out to go clubbing while still underage, just everything I know now I was stupid to ever think of doing.
But I never lost my license!

I was a shocking teenager unsure

pretty much got drunk and stoned all the time, one time me and my best friend wagged school for a week, we rang up as our mums every day saying we were sick! Then we got busted and had to have a meeting with the police and truancy officer, and they had to come pick me up every morning for school. I used to shoplift and one time me and my best friend broke into a b &b and stole a few hundred dollars worth of alcohol. Then I got pregnant at 16 and worked full time while I was pregnant then went back to school. Turned my life around I guess smile it sounds so bad writing all this stuff down and I feel really bad about it now!
I made some really dumb choices and often wonder if my mum could of taken a bit more control, but then my brothers were raised exactly the same, my older brother went completely off the rails for awhile there, was a drug addict(p) but now he is a personal trainer and complete gym junkie. And my younger brother was an angel teenager so who knows! Sorry went a bit off topic there

I wasn't too bad, anything I did my mum knew about - going clubbing underage, drinking on the weekends etc
got a ticker for going through a "red" light (it was orange) but didn't get demerit points or anything.
My brother was the rat bag(you name it he more than likely did it) so I may of subconsciously been being good to give my mum a break smile

Me too. My brothers been in jail, is a heroin addict who is crippled and brain damaged from a stroke. Also spent 6months at the tac rehabilitation centre for a car accident at 19. I went out a bit underage (not much) did nothing more than a little bit of wacky tobacky, and went out with a couple of older guys, but my parents knew all about it. I guess my brother gave them such a hard time, and they have gone through so much themselves, I tried to make it easy on them...
I don't think I was tooooo bad.....I wagged school sometimes, I smoked and got caught, had fake ID when I was 17, get drunk, get stoned, sneak out of my window to go see a boyfriend.

That's about it. Thank goodness I'm older and wiser now cause even though they may have been fun days but I wouldn't do it again smile


My parents were strict and i couldn't get away with anything.
The only thing i did that was bad was i was 2 minutes late getting home and my mum grounded me for 2 weeks to teach me to be on time for things. Now i'm always on time or early

I was too chicken to do anything wrong. My dad was scary when he was angry.

Got up to some pretty horrible stuff as a teen, but never went to clubs underage, plenty of parties i guess! A bit of drugs like weed and speed but not much

nothing too bad, my parents were really strict.
I begged them to let me go to a small get together when i was 15,
Mum rocked up to pick me and i came staggering out of a garage completely wasted on goon and moonshine! We never spoke about it again, cant believe they didnt kill me!

I smoked, parents nearly always seemed to find out when i did though!
I did a bit of underage drinking.
Not with randoms but with firends.
I don't know if my mum knows or not... LOL

I have never lost my licene or even lost a point.
but I didn't get my licence until I was 17 and 9 months (had no need to get it before but I did want to get it before I was 18)

ME - 23
DH - 25

Miss Willow

Keeping fit and healthy in pregnancy!!

i wasnt too bad.... i was a bit naughty in year 7....smooching boys and smoking the odd cigarette...ewwwww

but then got to year 8 and started taking school more seriously.

i only ever drank alcohol a few times underage and thats it....i didn't even bhave sex till i was 17...and i told my mum about it haha

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